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***CARD Statement - Post Middlesbrough H***

CARD would like to thank the thousands of Charlton supporters who took part in the protests that it organised at yesterday’s match against Middlesbrough.

As well as the many fans involved in the advance planning, more than a hundred supporters volunteered to help before the game with distribution and other essential tasks. We are grateful to all of you - and to Sky Sports and other media for the excellent coverage provided.

Our protests will continue, including at the next home match against Birmingham City on April 2nd.

CARD has noted the statement issued by the club. We wish to remind everyone that the Charlton management refused to meet disaffected supporters in both March 2014 and February 2015 despite specific requests from the Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust and others to engage in a constructive dialogue.

Promises to improve communication were made at a video-recorded meeting in October last year and repeated by chairman Richard Murray in January. However, by mid-March these promises are still substantially unfulfilled and appear to be understood by the management as an opportunity for them to repeat the same superficial and flawed analysis, more loudly, more slowly and more clearly.

We believe that supporters have fully understood the "unique offer" for the club's future expounded by chief executive Katrien Meire in Dublin last October and by owner Roland Duchatelet in February, and that they reject it.

Taking all the above into account, CARD therefore views any statement from the club’s failing management making vague promises of future improvement with considerable scepticism.



  • Is this being sent round media outlets?

    And will it have accompanying notes for editors pointing them in the direction of dublin video etc?

    Cheers - good statement.
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    Can somebody ( who does Facebook/Twitter )please send the statement to the tongue woman.
  • This should definitely be sent on to the press in response to the club statement.
  • Excellent statement CARD, well done!
  • Good work guys; they've made it quite clear that they have no intention of partaking in the sort of grown up conversation that could've generated SUPPORT from us instead of animosity.
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  • Great work yesterday by CARD. I keep asking myself why oh why do these utter tossers not want us on their side.
  • I have had people asking me about it at work.
  • Well done CARD
  • How do we beat yesterday though - thinking caps needed!
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  • Leggie said:

    To to all who took part and involved in any way , this is the civilised way protest and WE are winning. I am proud to be a Charlton supporter and I am proud of you.

    Me too, keep up this good work and they will take note and leave.
  • Good statement, in fact they scored an own goal in giving a great opportunity to respond clearly.
  • Great work yesterday Card & great statement today. Keep up the good work !
  • Excellent response! Well done all those involved behind the scenes.
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    The madman bought the wrong club to extend his egotistical experiment. Great statement fron CARD.
  • iainment said:

    How do we beat yesterday though - thinking caps needed!

    It doesn't need to be beaten, just maintained.
    Ok, but fresh ideas needed - lets keep those outside the club interested!
  • Superb!

    Time to get your suitcase dusted off Pinocchio.
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