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Those Bouncing Belgiums

who are those rowdy guys just entering the lower west, one of them had .Be on his rucksack....

Also looked like one had a rolled up banner?


  • Leigie ultras is out guess
  • Taking all bets on what minute they get kicked out.
  • Apparently Gent fans - here to see Lepoint - shame he's not involved!
  • Only a matter of time lol
  • taken from twitter, its all kicking off
  • What's on the banner? Looks like a compass
  • What's on the banner? Looks like a compass

    Le 4 points of the compass?
  • Belgian Gents?
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  • I bet they can't wait to come back.
  • They got kicked out of the Rose of Denmark pre match - rowdy and breaking glasses
  • edited March 2015
  • Rather have signed them up on a 2 1/2 year contract
  • I was told they got kicked out a few pubs in Greenwich and 7 arrested!!
  • There were some real dickheads amongst them. Saw two of them harrassing a total stranger then throw a drink over him.
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  • Huskaris said:

    Sounds like complete pisstaking by the sound of it. No idea why some people get all excited about a bunch of foreigners turning up, not really supporting Charlton but singing their own songs, and by the sounds of it, acting a pain in the arse.

    It's just nice to see someone in the stands showing some passion for once.
    Like Millwall up at Rotherham.
  • They were Genk fans I believe, saw them getting escorted into the west stand, I thought oh dear of all stands. Looked like they were enjoying themselves anyway.
  • Didn't Watt play for Genk?
  • Uboat said:

    Didn't Watt play for Genk?

    Lierse and Liege
    Lepoint come from Gent no Genk

    Genk are playing Standard tomorrow
  • Aah yes. Lierse - that was it.
  • So they were Ghent then?
  • "You came all this way, for f*** all, for f*** all"
  • Total pain they were in the concourse at half time, loads of stewards down there, not a sight we normally see in the West Lower!
  • We needed our Moscow loons to put 'em in their place.
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