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Brighton v Charlton - Post Match Thread 2014/15



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    I think if you had said 9 points from 5 games, especially after the uncertainty of pre-season, I wouldn't of believed it. We've had a really tough set of open fixtures as well.

    There is a real quality to the spine of this team, especially Vetokele. It feels like the play-off season again. What a difference a quality striker makes. If we can just start playing like a team and bring in a goal scorer, we have a real chance this year.
  • Sounded like Ben Haim lost Dunk for both their goals listening to Brighton commentary. Can anyone confirm? The highs and lows of football eh. We've done it against Wigan and Huddersfield and now its happened to us. My only slight concern of the season so far is no clean sheets in the league although we have played some decent opposition. An away point is always a good point though and most of us would of been happy with that before the game. COYR!
  • win your home games draw your away games :)
  • Wasn't there but have noticed a change in the way we defend corners this season looks like a zonal rather than man marking system
  • Not at the game but just an observation. Their centre half scores from two set plays. Normally the forwards mark the centre halves, but our forward line is quite short, so work needs to be done on the training ground around how we defend their defenders coming forward for set plays. Overall happy with a point although disappointed with the late goal. Two difficult home games, Watford and Wolves to come after the international break. Having seen us beat Wigan and Derby, hoping for the same against these two.

    Might we have done better with 6'6" keeper who likes to come for any high ball? Howdid SH play?
  • Wasn't expecting us to hold on, too much pressure. Need to work on retaining possession. But a great start to the season and we'll only get better as we iron out one or two weaknesses. Pleased to see Church making an impact.
  • At the game... Igor played fantastically, 2 chances and 2 goals. A draw was probably a fair result just annoying we couldn't hold on. Slightly worried what we would do if Igor got injured. Thought church did well when he came on, and yoni ran the midfield. Interesting to see big bob give both Henderson and Ben Haim a bollocking at the end of the game. Still would have taken a point at the beginning of the game...
  • Good point - a point we would have taken before the game - and probably 3 points would have been a steal based on possession and shots.
    Onwards and upwards - 6 points from next 2 games against Wolves and Watford may take us into top 2 - so not too shabby! - only concern is that we seem to be miles behind in terms of possession in every game so far - maybe this is our style? - but think that maybe that should be something that Bob should look at, - i'm sure he is already.
    Anyway, top 6 after 5 games, and unbeaten is a start that we would all have taken at beginning of season.
  • 1 Veto
    2 Veto
    3 Vetokele
    4 Veto
    5 Veto
    6 Vetokele
    7 Veto
    8 Veto
    9 Vetokele
    Oooooooooo Vetokele


    (Championship player of the month I reckon!)
  • I called it 1-2 with Igor scoring a late winner. Then my missus told me she had put a fiver on that for me. At 92 minutes we were both feeling good know the rest!

    Yes, it's gutting to be pegged back like that at the death but it's still a great point against a strong Brighton team. We have already played against several teams that we would surely expect to be challenging for promotion this season and are still undefeated, with two wins and lying 6th in the table. It sounds like a bit of a backs-to-the wall performance today so I'm looking forward to us being on the front foot and attacking more against Watford and thereafter.

    The defence needs some work on defending set pieces!

    I give Churchy my share of stick bit sounds like he did well for Igor's second goal - fair play to him. We still need another quality striker though, so Monday is going to be a bit nerve wracking.

    Does anyone know why Gorgeous George went off, by the way? Injured or purely tactical?
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    Was not at the game so can't comment on the performance. Got to take the positives. 9 points from the first 5 games with 3 of the games against sides who finished in the top 6 last season is a great start. This squad in my opinion will get better as the season goes on. At last we have dangerous forward in Igor. Onwards and upwards!
  • Gutted but in Igor we have a genuinely exciting player.
  • Got past a tough group of games and will have some easier games now.
  • Still unbeaten, still in the top 6 and we have the joint top goalscorer in the league, COYR!
  • Asides from wolves and watford
  • I was there! We played on the break, Dunk twice left alone to hand home! I would say we looked sort of dangerous on the break but maybe a tad slow at times, and bringing on fox! Why? It weakened us I think
  • Waiting at Brighton for a train. Good point on reflection but obviously annoying at the death. Igor absolute class for his second with a cool head. Really looking forward to the rest of the season.
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    Wasn't there but sounded like we were crap and lucky again. Despite being undefeated i am starting to think we are not all that.

    Post this before I drive back. I was there and we weren't crap. Gave the ball away cheaply a few times and BHA had a lot of possession but did little with it. We are 2 or 3 players away from being a team that will win these games. Vetokele is absolute quality in and out of the box.
  • Bugger but still top 6 and unbeaten.

    Solid start against decent sides and with Bulot and A N Other striker to come (we hope)

    It's been a bumpy ride since RD came what with all the managerial, player and behind the scenes changes but we're moving in the right direction, scoring goals, entertaining.

  • No clean sheets and no away wins !!
    Undefeated and scored in every game !!

    Cut it any way you want.
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  • I think it is us and Forest as the only unbeaten teams in our league
  • still below Millwall............sack Peters & the Board !!
  • My glass is definitely half full. No way did I expect we'd be unbeaten in the league (and only done at Derby by the ref) by the end of August. For sure I liked the signings but such a new squad and a new manager too, that's a lot to ask. Yes, the one big issue is what if Igor gets an injury. Otherwise with our new signing today we have cover and options in every position.

    As for today I would definitely have taken the draw before the game. If Hyppia is any good, Brighton should be top 6 this year.
  • So gutted, was in the pub for my lunch break and it broke my heart when it went to John Salako at the game, bet he was gutted too. Was talking to some Scottish p*sshead and he was telling me about Hearts and their troubles, I was actually humouring him as I was in such a good mood but once Brighton scored I completely blocked him out, poor bloke.

    Disappointed to have conceeded two goals from set pieces and I'm sure Bob is too. Not seen either of them but from what I've seen of Hendo, wish isn't a lot but he doesn't seem too confident coming for crosses which is a little worrying. Sounds like we did soak up the pressure well for long periods which is positive. What a player we have in Igor, hopefully Angola don't do much in the ACON as I don't fancy losing him for a month!

    still unbeaten, and I would have definetly taking a point at the start of the game, even at HT probably the way they were dominating us! Most of the players get a break now and we have two games at the fortress that are both very big, i think one win from either of those will send out a message that we have intentions of achieving big things this season. Hopeful of another addition still also, a striker would be nice.

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    still below Millwall............sack Peters & the Board !!

    Once they play more serious teams they will drop down the table, they have lucked out with Leeds, Fulham & Blackpool all so early in the season.
  • Goals should be on SSN after the break.
  • Disappointing to concede last minute but all in all things are going pretty well. Charlton surrendered and were totally outclassed last season by Brighton. Vetekele is class. His goals should keep Charlton out of the relegation dog fight. A few injuries though and Charlton may struggle. Need an additional quality striker to partner Vetekele. Don't look like they are going to arrive in this transfer window. Don't want Charlton to pay over the odds for average strikers. Charlton supporters will see how far Bob Peeters gets with the team with the players that he has got.
  • I was there. We were outplayed and out passed throughout but defended resolutely. We never looked panicked at the back but you can only defend with 10 men behind the ball for so long and they were always going to score goals. The times we went forward, we caused problems and Igor shows how vital it is to have a goalscorer - he almost single handedly earned us a point. With Bikey in the team we shouldn't be conceding from corners. Maybe zonal doesn't work? Bob may consider that this week.

    Tucudean was really poor IMO, and barely touched the ball (albeit he didn't have a lot of service). Ben Haim made some really poor mistakes and it's the worst I've seen him, considering I've not rated him less than 7.5 yet.

    All in all, despite playing poorly (IMO) we still came away with a point and nearly 3. That is the mark of a good side.

  • Is stonewallpenalty viewfinder in disguise?
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