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Charlton vs Derby | Post Match Views 2013



  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Lack of quality yet again .
  • boogica said:

    Lack of quality yet again .

    In the boardroom or on the pitch?

  • Our strikers really aren't good enough.

    Plus chances just weren't created much, more hopeful crosses that were dealt with all day.
  • Started too wonder if Kermorgant really is good enough for this league? Not convinced.
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    That set of players will never score enough goals to keep us up. We were basically hopeless when attacking.

    Still £2 at 13/2 on Ward first goal and £2 at 10/1 on Bryson last goal has cheered me up.
  • Not good. Whatever we do we just can't win. Lack of guile?
  • Battled hard but never looked like scoring.

    Bit confused why Pritchard was playing as a second striker when we have two on the bench. Subs were strange we only had Wilson on the right for the final 20 minutes, Harriott is a winger and should be playing there not in the centre, and Sordell again gets 5 minutes he has no chance to effect the game
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  • I did not expect us to win this one but it sounds like we played well, if not toothless again. We need a striker from somewhere or it's going to be sooooo frustrating. Long term fans will be familiar with this feeling and have been here many times before. There are still a lot of games to go and I will remain positive.
  • We were shocking no threat on goal
    This style of play will get us relegated without doubt
    It's no good trying to play midfield football when it leads to nothing
    Our only hope is hoofball with church and sordell
    This team is so poor
    I really can't believe I'm still coming to watch this dross
  • hoofing the ball will not help. Powell once again made all the right decisions, wish we could have kept hold of Danny Haynes, I think we miss him a lot even if he only ever got 1/2 a season.
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    Haven't questioned Chris Powell before but I am now.
    Playing Pritchard just off the striker for much if the game was ridiculous. The bloke has no idea about attacking.
    He takes Green off when he's one of the players likely to create.
  • We lost 2-0
  • Yeah we lost 2-0. Sorry I'm dull in the head now
  • Simply to light weight, Pritchard, green, harriot, stewart, what is Powell up to.

    Pritchard in that role is a complete waste of time, he also looks totally unfit. We need fighters at this time not wimps.

    We lost all shape with the substitutions, I sadly feel that Powell is out of his depth, I truly hope he gets it right soon otherwise we will be relegated.
  • I don't know what's more ridiculous, that we lost or that they're 4th in the league. We weren't anything special but they were dire.
  • We have a case of bad luck at the moment. I'd like to think our fortunes will turn around soon
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  • Yes, okay we played well at times today but the fact is we would have needed to score 3 goals to win the game. With this set of players that is impossible. We will be bottom 3 this time next week and unless there is a takeover and some investment in the squad we will be in League 1 next August.
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    The board have two options give Powell money for players, or sack him and get someone in who may do something different with the team. I like Powell but I think he's out of ideas and I don't think the board will give him that much time. You can see that Powell is trying all different ideas and tactics but it does not work.
  • Posting before reading.
    We got what I was expecting, but I'm not sure we got what we deserved.
    Having said that they slammed the crossbar in the second half, scored twice, and apart from the Church effort that was a whisker wide, and some hopeful, and sort of decent, attempts we didn't look like scoring.
    Seeing Danny Green starting the match reminded me just how thin our squad is, and it is heart breaking that Chris has such paucity of resources at his disposal.
    Saying that, our set up was good for the first 34 minutes until Derby scored, we played well, with skill and teamwork and effort, indeed we sustained it for most of the match overall. However we are not able to make a little go a long way, we are seeing how far not much can take us.
    I still feel that at least Chris is getting the best out of those players, and I can't see how a change in management would help us, a few more players might help Chris though.
    The officials were iffy but not match changing apart from the absent yellow card in the third minute when Yann was chopped, which might have signalled a different game to the players from then on. We had two kinds of luck, bad luck and no luck, but that's how it goes.
    I am not one for quitting, there is no choice but to pick ourselves up and go again, no other choice. We must not change the manager in a desperate hope that will do the trick, or to deflect attention from the real seat of the problems, or to create an excuse.
    If only Chris can get some help, and average luck, we can improve, and there is always the road to Wembley to come....doh!
  • As much as it pains me to say powelly got it all wrong today.

    Flood the midfield, fine. But playing Pritchard off yann? NO! Pritch makes a fair few goals from his endeavours from the right wing but as our 'link' man, you must be joking!

    Cm unbalanced even though the elements were there, leaving sordell(pace at least!) till 5 mins to go and harriott in the 'hole' - was it only me that saw our best run of form last year with harriott on the left wing?

    Chrissy Powell got it VERY VERY WRONG today.

    I can't see it improving either
  • Started too wonder if Kermorgant really is good enough for this league? Not convinced.

    Starting to wonder if any of them are. When he's fully fit he definitely is. But he isn't at the moment. Pritchard however...
  • management career tarnished by what is currently happening.

    And as I write this I remember the best half time entertainment I have seen at a game. The Upstarts were fantastic and clearly loved every second if being on the pitch.

    Think you'll find that they're called th upbeats, but agree with pretty much everything else in your post.......................
  • Clueless again
  • Two mediocre sides - surprised at how poor Derby were. We never looked like scoring - plenty of effort but no real quality.
    Pritchard was terrible and Morrison continues to look ponderous.
    Everything points to relegation at present - v flat atmosphere.
  • Thought we played OK for a lot of the game, if anything that scoreline flatters Derby. But we are not scoring and our best chance came from Morrison's header. Thought Powell was right to go with three forwards in the last 15 minutes, but it obviously backfired. Ref was crap, apparently being strangled was a foul by Kermorgant, not on him. But no matter how crap the ref was, we can't seem to score. At this rate we won't be in the same division as Palace next season regardless of whether Pulis keeps them up.
  • rananegra said:

    At this rate we won't be in the same division as Palace next season regardless of whether Pulis keeps them up.

    Yeh, there's always that consolation.
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