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101 facts about YANN KERMORGANT

Just seen a load of facts about him on twitter here is what I found out (also an account which is new @kermorgantfacts)

1. @KermorgantFacts: Kermorgant will always score against Leicester City. #fact #cafc

2. @c8fcjames: Yann Kermorgant once had a fight with Mike Tyson and the loser had to get a tattoo on his face

3. @Dan_Allison1980: Once there was nearly a movie made called Kermorgant Vs Predator, but Predator didn't turn up for the first day of shooting #KermorgantFacts

4.@cafc1998: @KermorgantFacts yann could stop syrian war by shouting stop

There all brilliant!! Anyone got anymore?...


  • 5. On Tuesday the House of Commons vote on whether to send Yann into Syria and sort them out.
  • 6. Although formally credited to Arnold Schwartzenegger, it was a pre-pubescent Yann Kermorgant who played the part in all of the Terminator films. Under French law Yann was too young to feature in Hollywood movies. The films achieved fame at the time for what the world believed was state-of-the-art computer graphics. What the world didn't know was they were shot live, largely in one take.
  • 7. Yann dug the channel tunnel by hand.
  • 8 Yann was too modest to take credit for pulling down the temple of the Philistines. He let a young youth gladiator called Sansom take all the credit.
  • 9. Yann sleeps at night with his favourite teddy, called Lenny McLean
  • 10.The world should have ended on 21/12/12 as we were due to be struck by a giant meteor but NASA sent Yann up into space and he just headed it away.
  • When Yann Kermorgant stands on the beach the tide is afraid to come in.

    Kermorgant's diary goes from 31st of March straight to the 2nd of April…Nobody fools Kermorgant.
  • 14. The club were set to rename Harvey Gardens as Kermogant Way, then realised that would stop loads of fans getting to the game - no one crosses Kermorgant.
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  • 15. If Yann was a Spartan, the movie would have been called '1'.
  • 16. Although Leicester fans might tell you different, I have it on good authority that he 'chipped for a laugh'.
  • 17. Yann can in fact taxi an airbus a320 on his back whilst doing the worm
  • 18. Yann Kermorgant never needs a torch, he just stares into the darkness and it moves out of the way.
  • 19. Castrust and CL's STIG (10 pic) and Kermo have never been seen in the same room
  • 20. Yann is being groomed by the French media to be the next Eric Cantona when he retires, he is already being considered for presidency and kronenbourg are trying to make him the new face of their advertising campaign.
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    21. Yann Kermorgant once arm-wrestled Chuck Norris and the loser had to grow a beard
  • 22. When Yann steps in a puddle, he doesn't get wet - The puddle gets Kermorgant.
  • 23. Yann Kermorgant can speak brail and hear sign language.
  • 24. Yann Kermorgant has 10 brothers who all play for the french team Les Grenouilles. So a team of Kermorgants is, in fact, possible
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  • 25. Yann Kermorgant doesn't call the wrong number. You answer the wrong phone.
  • razil said:

    19. Castrust and CL's STIG (10 pic) and Kermo have never been seen in the same room

    Oui, c'est vrai, je l'ai jamais rencontré :-(
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  • 27. Yann Kermorgant can cut through a hot knife with butter
  • 28. It's a fact that Yann has escaped Alcatraz prison more than 10 times.
  • 29. It's also a fact that the film gladiator is based on Yann

    30. It's a fact that Yann has taught Bear Grylls everything he knows
  • 31. Yann doesn't wear a watch...

    He decides what time it is.
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  • 32. Yann doesn't actually head the ball. It's just so scared it flies into the net of its own accord.
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    33. Yann doesn't need to believe in god because he is god.
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