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The week that was - 5th March 1983 Charlton 5 Chelsea 2

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One of the little mans great games for Charlton. Simonsen's Charlton career lasted only 17 games in which he scored 9 goals. Charltons average attendance for this season was 7,213, up on the previous season by about 600.

5th March 1983 Charlton 5 (2) (Bullivant 39, Smith 41, Harris 61, Simonsen 65, 69) Chelsea 2 (0) (Robson 50, Lee 57) Att:11,211

Charlton: Johns, Curtis, Aizlewood, Gritt, Smith, Berry, Simonsen, Harris, Hales, Bullivant, Robinson. Unused sub: Walker.

Chelsea: Francis, Jones, Hutchings, Driver, Lee (Bumstead 59), Pates, Fillery, Walker, Speedie, Robson, Canoville.

Referee: A Grey (Great Yarmouth).

Allan Simonsen's car was damaged by hooligans after the match.


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    Strangely I have no recollection of this match at all!
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    Think we finished above chelsea this season(correct me if i'm wrong, not sure) also lost previous game we lost at BURNLEY 7-1, we had 2 players sent off but i can't remember both. I think hales for 2 bookings. Johns was in goal.
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    I did post about this match a few weeks ago but had thought it was 2-2 at half time.
    Oh well, memory playing tricks and all that........

    Look at those 3 Charlton goals in a blinding, purple patch 8 minute spell.
    Signed from Barcelona, Denmark international and European player of the year Allan Simonsen, virtually anonymous in the 1st half waved his magician's wand and transformed the game. Chelsea couldn't get near him defending in their own box, as he beat defender after defender in a tight space and coolly slotted home in the slightest of gaps.

    Can't believe there were only 11,000 there .....remember the sell-out crowds of today.

    Carl Harris, the Wales and ex-Leeds Utd winger - I remember his virtuoso performance
    against his old mates at Elland Road when we won 2-1. Kevin Smith, reasonably creative, fuzzy-haired home-grown midfielder who ended up playing in America with Laurie Abrams. Terry Bullivant, ex-Orient, midfield ballwinner of moderate ability.

    Nicky Johns (ex-Millwall) in goal, Paul Curtis (not Bobby) at full-back, skipper Mark Aizelwood in midfield, Stevie Gritt-he's got no hair-we don't care, Killer up front, and Martin Robinson (ex-Spurs) on the left wing. Sub Phil Walker was a deceptively skillfull midfielder also signed from Millwall.

    I forgot centre back Les Berry......Charlton legend in the twilight years.

    Chelsea's Colin Pates and sub John Bumstead went on in later years to be honoured to play for Charlton.
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    One of those few games I wish I'd been at but sadly missed. I must have been playing Saturday football at the time.
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    [cite]Posted By: Stone[/cite]One of those few games I wish I'd been at but sadly missed. I must have been playing Saturday football at the time.

    This was a night match, though. Monday 5th March. Was Easter early that year?
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    My 1983 calendar says 5th March was a Saturday ???
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    Grey, overcast Saturday afternoon......

    The night match was when we beat Chelsea 4-0 at The Valley - and their mob tried to burn down The Valley Club.
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    [cite]Posted By: Stone[/cite]My 1983 calendar says 5th March was a Saturday ???

    Nope, you're right. My mistake. I was thinking about the 4-0 match when they tried to burn down the ground. <inserts embarrassed face smiley>
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    [cite]Posted By: Oggy Red[/cite]Grey, overcast Saturday afternoon......

    The night match was when we beat Chelsea 4-0 at The Valley - and their mob tried to burn down The Valley Club.

    Lets have a thread about that one because I went to that game...;-)
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    Was In the covered end for this match it was mental. CHAOS! and after.
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    I went with my Uncle who was Chelsea and stood in the away end, which after 10 minutes was quite empty as most had made their way to the Covered End.........
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    5/3/84 (I think)

    Charlton 1 v Cardiff 4

    That was a classic.
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    One for the oldies
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    The line up was;


    Curtis- RB
    Gritt - CB
    Berry - CB
    Aizlewood (left back...he didn't start in midfield until the following season and then dropped to CB in a lot of games thereafter. Steve Dixon's favourite player)

    Harris -RM
    Robinson - LM


    For any of you youngsters/newer supporters who haven't really seen Charlton get going at home, this was about as good as it gets for entertainment and atmosphere. Don't let the lowish crowd fool you....there were 6,000 very loud Chelsea fans there and the atmosphere was a bit fierce.
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    yes and it was fierce at the clock part of the ground
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    This is the first game I actually remember - I'm reliably informed I attended a fair few before this but this is the first one I actually remember.

    I was 6 years old and this was a very happy day in my household
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    what a game superb, how good was simonsen tore chelsea to bits ,like tavern stood at the side under the clock remember the atmosphere very fierce indeed ,love beating them.
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    Definetly a Saturday afternoon. I was on the East terrace with a Chelsea mate, who couldn't believe it. Simonsen was brilliant.
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    Definitely a Saturday afternoon and in bright sunshine. Chelsea wore their yellow strip, Joey Jones (with his armful of tats) got their lot going in the warm up with his clenched fist routine and I can remember Clive Walker being clean through almost straight from kick off (Johns saved). Their two goals just after half time which got them back to 2-2 produced an amazing amount of noise from their 6,000 madmen. It looked like we would fold, but we suddenly went on the rampage and in about 15 minutes we were 5-2 up and cruising!!! You simply do get afternoons like that had almost everything and even proper Chelsea supporters today recall that game with a certain amount nostalgia, mainly for the brilliance of the Simonsen goals. For those that weren't there, think Ricky Villa v Man City in the FA Cup Final and you'll have some idea of what the goals looked like.

    PS: I'm sure Billy King had a video of this game but it never did surface into the "public domain." Billy, don't know if you are one the Lifers on here but if so, does my memory serve me right?
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    I was 10 at the time and remember sitting in the main stand surrounded by Chelsea fans!!

    I remember the people I went with having a bit of freindly banter with Chelsea in front of us but then it got sour when we banged in the 4th and 5th and they left with the
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    Chelsea getting another beating at The Valley. We have quite a good record against them considering.
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    One of the best games games that season and 82/83 was a massive roller coaster.

    Amazingly in today's context Chelsea nearly got relegated to the third tier .On the final official Saturday there were about 9 clubs in the mix and a couple of crucial encounters like our one against Bolton.Unlike this season a couple of teams were allowed to have fixtures the following week and I think that is how Palace squeezed through . I think this was the last season that was allowed to happen as it clearly gave an advantage to the club who had games in hand.

    I have never liked Chelsea and their National Front group of racist fans in the 70's who booed their first black players Paul Canoville and our own Keith Jones .They had tried to burn down our ground 7 years earlier when we stuffed them 4-0 .I saw them then as a very slightly upmarket version of Millwall. For younger readers Abramovic ,Terry,Ashley Cole etc are not the only reasons to detest them.

    Like others on this thread I went with a mixed group of Charlton and Chelsea fans as the landlord of our local pub was a Chelsea supporter . I remember us going 2 up and in the second half the veteran ex Sunderland and West Ham striker Bryan 'Pop' Robson and Colin Lee squaring the game.I then feared the worst. It was almost as though a switch went off in the great Dane's head and we were treated to a master class ably assisted by our Welsh wizard Carl Harris who won his personal dual with his compatriot Joey Jones.This was my favourite memory of Simonsen. It is a shame a week later he was saying his goodbyes.

    I note future Addick Colin Pates featured and John Bumstead came on as a sub for the Blues.
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    As usual the Programme can be seen here

    Want to see more Charlton Programmes, then visit
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    Remember Simonsen dancing through their defence to score his two goals. And Chelsea fans seemingly everywhere outside !
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    I remember attending that game sitting in the Jubilee club seats at the back of the main stand
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    Pedro45 said:

    Me and a mate went drinking in Chislehurst immediately afterwards, and as I squeezed up to the bar of The Queen's Head past a smaller chap at about 6pm, he turned and faced me. It was Simmo! I was somewhat taken aback as you might expect, but smiled and started a chat with him (he declined my offer of another lager). He was freindly enough to answer questions (about the preceding Burnley game; his brilliant second goal that afternoon; about training with Barca and Moenchengladbach, etc) but it was a pretty one way conversation. The barmaid implied he was quite a regular! I didn't know at that time his car had been scratched after that game. His garage doors in Yester Road were also graffitee'd by some Palarse wanker at one point during his few months in England, so he didn't have it easy (what with not always getting paid etc...). I have very fond memories of Simmo, and bumping into him that evening.

    Nice little story @Pedro45
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    Brilliant JoeAddick....many thanks. I've been after seeing this video for years! But in a way, I wish I hadn't watched it. The Simmo goals are excellent but not quite as excellent as I thought I remembered them. I'll have to change my username now........!! 

    It was a great game...much discussed on this forum and oh, how to be entertained like that again one day! 
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    Joe...that's actually much better quality than the other Finches video I once saw from that season (Fulham 3-0). Have you enhanced it in any way? 
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