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Five things you like that are Welsh or about the Welsh

As it is St David's Day

1. John Cale - musical genius in the Velvets and for Paris 1919

2. Lava Bread

3. Mark Aizlewood

4. The Taffy's in the film Zulu

5. Newport County FC


  • The fit welsh bird on the one show....

    I can't think of anymore...
  • Katherine Jenkins , Catherine Zeta Jones , Charlotte Church , Sian Lloyd and the Severn Bridge
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    1. Don Welsh

    2. Colin Walsh (well, almost)

    3. John Cale, of course

    4. Cardigan (sorry, Henry)

    5. Wrexham - any team that sounds like a car crash is funny
  • Leeks are my favourite vegetable.
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]Leeks are my favourite vegetable.

    I thought leeks were what Cardiff City supporters needed on a long coach journey home
  • Gower Coast


    Brecon Beacons

    Brains Beer

    Felinfoel (?spelling) beer
  • 1) That they live in Wales

    2) Ivor the Engine

    3) The ridiculously long named palce that ends in goghgoghgoh

    4) Tom Jones

    5) Mark Hughes (One of my all time favourite players)
  • [cite]Posted By: Shag[/cite], Charlotte Church

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    5 Sheep!
  • Welsh Rarebit...Er that's it
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  • They love the English

    welsh rare bit
  • 1. John Cale - Velvets ... nuff said

    2.Grant Nicholas - Feeder singer / guitarist

    3. The Alarm - 68 Guns

    4. Dylan Thomas - Under Milk Wood

    5. Roald Dahl - born in Cardiff
  • 1 My son(half welsh) and my stepdaughters
    2 Brains beer
    3 Rhymney Brewery Ale
    4 Merthyr Town FC
    5 Lava Bread
  • [cite]Posted By: Robert[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: Shag[/cite], Charlotte Church


    Whats up Bob
  • Likes

    1. Ivor the engine
    2. Katherine Jenkins
    3. The rugby commentator
    4. Joanna Paige
    5. Windsor Davies, you lovely boy
    6. Bing Bong Bing, Hi Di Hi Campers, Sylviaaaa, take your hands out your pock-ets
    7. Rhod Gilbert
    8. Rob Brydon
    9. Tommy Cooper
    10. Anyone called Myfanwy


    1. Giving cheese on toast a silly name
    2. They provide competition in the Valley stakes
    3. Roald Dahl, grow up, you're not a kid, write for adults
    4. Aled Jones - punch him
    5. Llywelyn the Great - Leave off, we know who the real Llywelyn the Great was
    6. The fact 94% of the population is called Jones, Davies, Jenkins or Thomas
    7. Gethin Jones, Steve Jones, Gavin Henson or any other sickenly good looking bloke
    8. Chico
    9. Goldie Lookin Chain
    10. Daffodils
  • [cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]Newport County FC

    Followed by hooligans that have been banned from either Cardiff or Swansea FACT

    All kicked off at Crawley this season!
    Hoolie report
  • 1) The golf courses (Nefyn,Royal Portcawll, Tenby, Cardigan,........)
    2) The scenerey
    3) The language (brilliant road signidge)
    4) The Sterophonics
    5) The women.
  • Likes

    Manic Street Preachers
    Brains SA Gold
    Johnny Robinson
    Joanna Page
    Cerys Matthews
  • Bristol
  • 1. Tom Jones (I have no idea why)
    2. Fireman Sam
    3. Bangor City FC
    4. My dad
    5. Ash (the earlier stuff)
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  • Newport

    If you mean Ash the music band, they're from Northern Ireland.
  • Charlotte church's face

    Charlotte church's voice

    Charlotte church's orbs

    Charlotte church's bum

    and this gif

  • 1. My Dad
    2. My Grandad
    3. My Grandma
    4. Green Man Festival
    5. Brains
  • [cite]Posted By: IA[/cite]Newport

    If you mean Ash the music band, they're from Northern Ireland.

    Oh yeah, of course they are.
    Sorry, I'm not awake.
    5. Welsh lamb.
  • 1) My Mum
    2) Welsh cakes
    3) Rhod Gilbert
    4) Colin Jackson
    5) Men of Harlech
  • 1. the mountains
    2. the valleys
    3. Port Talbot
    4. Red shirts
    5. great flag, why is it not on/in the Union Jack.
    6. Castles, ok built by/for the English, but they are in Wales.
    7. Dylan Thomas
    8. Nye Beavon
    9. Ray Milland
    10. The Partisans
    11. The language - sounds heavenly to this sise (sp?).
    12. Close harmony singing.
  • Howard Marks seems like a Nice chap
  • [cite]Posted By: EastStand[/cite]5. Ash (the earlier stuff)
    As in the band from Northern Ireland?
  • 1)
  • [cite]Posted By: RodneyCharltonTrotta[/cite]1)

    You might not have much to say about the Taffs but at least you can count to 5!
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