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1800 nigels

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thats what palace are bringing to millwall been on general sale as well ooooah do your worst....


  • And how many did we take?
  • over 3000 with them not going on general sale
  • I thought so lol, what Wankers!!!
  • better than the 750 they brought there few years back
  • Jesus that's shit.
  • Really? They were given 2,200 and they were banging on their site about 400 left last week and should've all gone by now.

    Was funny reading it. Some were saying it's pathetic. Others were trying to make excuses.

    1800 for a game up the road is embarrassing. But then that word sums Palace & their fans up.
  • they have sold that as of now,saturday as well ...
  • palace averaged more than us in our last championship season despite us having a lot more on the home support front .......

    when it comes to away support , there aren't many clubs we can take the piss out of

    millwall isn't a new ground to palace they've been sloshing around the lower leagues with the scum while we were bringing 1k to spurs for a premiership fixture
  • sorry if I read that wrong oohaah but are you saying Palace averaged more than us two years ago?

    Cos they didn't even average more than us last season
  • Two shit clubs with shit fans.
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  • [cite]Posted By: buckshee[/cite]sorry if I read that wrong oohaah but are you saying Palace averaged more than us two years ago?

    Cos they didn't even average more than us last season

    we played the same fixtures 2 years ago in the championship and unbelievably we had the worse away support in the championship that season .... pathetic
  • Would've been interesting to see what you'd have brought to us last season if you were languishing in the bottom half, probably not much difference?

    & Jarman, two shit club & fans maybe, but two clubs that are doing better than your lot at the moment.
  • how very true. as much as i hate both we shouldnt really start threads concerning either.
  • I think that thread is a touch misleading oohaah, as if i remember correctly whilst they had a higher average, there were only about 4 or 5 out of 23 games where they took more than us, they mustve just had one or two where they had a much higher turnout to increase their average. Their away support is on a par with ours approximately I reckon. I remember seeing in their programme that season they took 31 to Leeds for a league cup game. 31! We haven't had an away turnout that poor for years and years, what was it 90 odd at burnley or sth in 1996?
  • [cite]Posted By: oohaahmortimer[/cite]old thread with the numbers

    What were the averages last year?

    ValleyGary - there is NO harm in taking the mick out of palace.
  • true but id rather wait till they are playing rochdale away next year and we're in the championship
  • [cite]Posted By: ValleyGary[/cite]true but id rather wait till they are playing rochdale away next year and we're in the championship

    I second that!
  • Can they play someone else? I want Rochdale promoted so I can finally get to their ground. & I don't want to be relegated to have to do that!
  • let me try and make this simple for you oooah we sold out for millwall weeks before game with restrictions palace cant even sell the top tier ,they have brought 750 to the new den years back we have never had such awful numbers there even though we go to see a loss most times,palace also once did not sell out at the withdean,they surpass anything we have done in a derby fixture.
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  • Took
  • sorry.
  • We hadn't played at the den for 14 years hence our turnout , look at the 3k of day trippers to orient one year on and its 1500
    Look at the numbers we've brought to palace in recent years , a lot less than palace bring to us , our all conquering title winning season excepted
    We have a worse away following than palace FACT
    unFORTUNEtly its the way it is but I'd rather have our good home numbers than decent away numbers cos as Len points out its the home fans that are the lifeblood of the club
    And if we were in palaces current league position and had visited millwall regularly over the last 15 years we'd struggle to shift 1800 for that fixture and it is OUR local derby , not sure who palaces big one is with
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  • Game set and match to Ooo Aah as usual on away support.

    We are in the worst 10-15% in the entire league.

    15000 home fans, 400 to Swindon :)
  • He still doesn't seem to recognise the irony in calling our lack of away support pathetic and not even bothering to go himself, though. Laughable.
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    big crowd then about 10800 wow both shite clubs
  • I REPEAT we have never brought 750 to the den i repeat we never beat millwall but still we bring better numbers than the nigels,the fact is this is on a saturday decent priced tickets starved of football ands they cant sell the top tier,shocking shocking and whatever you say bout us we always have bigger numbers at millwall that is fact.
  • JTJT
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    Millwall have a very poor reputation and it is understandable why people avoid the game however I have seen much more trouble at Charlton games (home and away) and we always sell out our allocation there very quickly.

    If we were playing Charlton you can pretty much guarantee we would have sold out within days of the tickets going on sale, very strange when most people claim to not give a f**k about Charlton and that is Brighton and Millwall that matter.

    Look, I’m not here to beat you with this...but, I think it would be great if Palace could bring 4,000 to The Den (Charlton at home last year was great for it
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