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Worst five signings since we got back to The Valley

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I know, I know, there are loads. But limit yourself to five...


  • Jimmy Floyd
    Djimi Toare
    John Barnes
    Steve Jones (exept for the cross to mendoncs at wembley)
    Neil Redfearn
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    Simon Walton, Martin Christensen, Omar Pouso, Les Reed and Iain Dowie (well we did sign them as managers)
  • [cite]Posted By: adamtheaddick[/cite]John Barnes

    Really? I know his legs were shot but he was the most creative player we had at the time and i remember him setting up several goals with well weighted passes.
  • omar pouso, the great soprendo, cory gibbs, karim bagheri,matthias svensson
  • The worst:

    1. Omar Pouso
    2. Djimi Traore
    3. Amdy Faye
    4. Nicky Weaver
    5. JFH

    Was Posuso signed by Dowie...if so 4 on the list were his! Weaver, I know it's controversial and probably a little unfair but i have always hated the bloke AND I had to include one of Pardews signings.

    The most pointless

    1. Omar Pouso
    2. Stuart Fleetwood
    3. Paulo Monterio
    4. Dorian Smith
    5. The young bloke Dowie got from Celtic (Staunton I think?)
    6. Simon Walton
  • I've limited mine to ones who actually played for the first team and who were permanent signings

    Rommedahl (appart from the last minute goal)
    Amady Faye
    Marcus Bent
  • 1. Djimi Traore
    2. MacCarthy
    3. Amdy Faye
    4. Marcus ' My name is Marcus' Bent
    5. Luke Varney (mainly for the fee against ability as a 'striker')
  • Hard to pick just 5 really.

    1. Bent M

    2. Gray

    3. Traore

    4. Redfearn

    5. Varney L

    I've based my selection on end product against expectation for the money paid. There are a number of others but these are the five that came to mind.
  • 1. Iain Dowie
    2. Alan Pardew
    3. Traore
    4. Pouso
    5. Hasselbaink
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  • Redfearn,Rommendahl,Troare,O'connell,McCleod
  • Christ didnt know old Jonah had so many fans.. remeber the grief he used to get in the coverd end.. just for the money we spent on him just thought he never made the impact he could have done, glad to take him off my list now and would replace him with:

    Paul Emblen
  • [cite]Posted By: northstandsteve[/cite]O'connell
    Wasn't quite Bowyer's replacement was he?!
  • Steve Jones Pah there a lot worse
  • Jesper Blomqvist, Bradley Allen, Neil Redfearn, Francis Jeffers, Marcus Bent
  • Amdy Faye
    Djimi Traore
    Neil Redfearn
    Omar Pouso
    Cory Gibbs
  • Pin the tail on the donkey but my personal in my personal opinion:

    1: Mamdy Faye (rubbish & couldn't give a toss)
    2: Djimi Circus (2 memorable contributions, getting sent off at Wham & costing us that last minute goal in Pardew's first game)
    3: Omar Pouso (£850k loan fee + wages for 50 minutes of Ali Dai esq dross in a defeat)
    4: Marcus Bent (£2m for more appearances in the tabloids than in a Charlton shirt)
    5: Cory Gibbs (Richard Murray's worst signing. Would love to know the signing on fee, wages & mediacal bills that cnut cost us)
  • Chris Wilder
    Lee Power
    Mike Amman
    Kevin Scott
    David Kerslake
  • In terms of cost and expectation:

    1) Redfearn
    2) Jeffers
    3) Rommedahl
    4) Rowett (although not his fault)
    5) Traore
  • Jonah always tried his best and for a limited footballer scored some very crucial goals paired with some very important performances,

    agree with most posters above but would also add

    El Khalej
    Petterson (apart from THAT save against Palarse)
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    Adam, two of them (Scott and Power) were on loan and, if memory serves, Kerslake never got beyond the bench.

    And Chris Wilder was prior to the return to the Valley, and also only on loan.

    Sorry to be picky!
  • Shaun Barlett good in his first two seasons but lazy and crap the nest seasons and we paid like 2 million for him
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    didnt say that they had to be perm mate, christ im getting a kicking today!! have i peed on someones chips or somthing today?
  • [cite]Posted By: StubleyAddick[/cite]Shaun Barlett good in his first two seasons but lazy and crap the nest seasons and we paid like 2 million for him

    Bartlett was tremendous for us and it was largely because of him that Curbs' much maligned boring 4-5-1 was so successful in keeping us safely mid-table in the Prem.

    He willingly took on the unglamourous unrewarding role of lone striker and made the system work.

    Lone strikers invariably get flak I give you Deon Burton as a current example.
  • Faye, Traore, Eddie Murphy, M Bent and Clark W Spector
  • limiting it to those who actually made it onto the pitch for more than 1 game (which excuses Bhagari, Pouso and Gibbs) I'd go for

    M Bent
    J Traroe
    J Barnes
    J Spector
    D Burton
  • El Khalej
    Petterson (apart from THAT save against Palarse)[/quote]

    Petterson wasn't that bad, got player of the year 96/97.

    Probably doesn't justify a place in the top 5 but Darren Ambrose has never anywhere near lived up to his supposed potential. Robbie Mustoe was a bit dull but don't think anyone can live up to Traore and Faye's spectacular woefulness.
    Bartlett and Steve Jones should not be mentioned on this list. Might not have been worldbeaters but both made significant contributions during their spells here.
  • [cite]Posted By: adamtheaddick[/cite]Jimmy Floyd
    Djimi Toare
    John Barnes
    Steve Jones (exept for the cross to mendoncs at wembley)
    Neil Redfearn

    Def disagree with Barnes replace with Blomqvist
  • FFS, i aint the only person who put John 'after 90 mins of sheer hell' Barnes. i thought he was gona be a great signing but he looked like my over weight dad puffing around the centre circle.

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