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Quick survey: Ever been arrested???

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Just a straight yes or no will do. Doesn't matter if it was football related or not, or whether you were convicted, cautioned or it was a case of mistaken identity - have you ever had your collar felt???

Me - yes.


  • Yes Wrongfully and OB prosecuted the person for wasting Police time
  • No - but (aged about 7), I once got my details taken for pressing the new pedestrian crossing "wait" button and not crossing! Clearly an early ASBO case.
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  • [quote][cite]Posted By: suzisausage[/cite]No[/quote]

    think I would have spat the contents of my mug over the screen if you'd said yes Sooz ;-)

    oh & no sir ree definately not!
  • Not in this country.

    Got arrested along with 3 others on our last night in Ibiza in '85 (drunk & disorderly)

    Got jammed into the back of an estate car taken to the station, got smacked about a bit and thrown into a cell. We were handcuffed in two's and after about half an hour I needed a slash. My mate had to come and stand next to me and have his hand in the vicinity whilst I relieved myself (he wasn't amused)

    By the time we got out we had missed the coach to the airport. Luckily, we met a rep who was in radio contact with the coach and got it to turn round. The other passengers were less than pleased!
  • Yes


    did bird
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: DA9[/cite]Yes


    did bird[/quote]

    No way I cant believe it ;-)
  • lol @ LB

    I'm a model citizien these days D as you know, even grown my hair
  • edited August 2008
    the sad thing no one made a comment when i said yes.
    im a definite no.
  • I'm surprised you weren't banned from the Oak B, hiding away in the corner by the dartboard was no excuse for some of your behaviour :-)
  • Yavo and Da!
  • V nearly in Eastern Turkey many years ago - could have been nasty if the Kurdish separatists (PKK) hadn't come to our rescue...

    And nearly got cautioned and fined £40 last week for drinking in public in Glasgow - grabbing a beer on the way to the Scotland v N Ireland match. Fortunately we all claimed to be from elsewhere (my London accent helped!) and they let us off. Had to pour the beer into the gutter, though - terrible waste.
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  • Chucked out at Brentford for chanting Charlton - amongst the Charlton end.

    Knob-head OB just looking for something to do.

    So just paid again at the turnstile, and came back in again.
    Was it worth it to pay twice for the same game.....? Charlton lost 3-0
  • couple of Nearly's

    Ipswich last season say no more

    Plough Lane got frogged marched down the terraces and over the pitch before being slammed up against a metal loacker in a portacabin, good news for me teh nasty git left me there with a female PC who said you better go quick and let me leave.
  • yes several

    defended myself once did well but lost.

    got a not guilty once, mind you when they said i wasnt known to OB at last one i nearly laughed out loud !
  • erm yes...
  • I make that 12-12 so far.

    (Dave Mehmet - "not in this country" is a YES!)

    Will be interesting to see the answers that our leaders and their various lieutenants give to this question!
  • Nope, not me.
  • Only by interpol.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Off_it[/cite]I make that 12-12 so far.

    (Dave Mehmet - "not in this country" is a YES!)

    Will be interesting to see the answers that our leaders and their various lieutenants give to this question![/quote]

    AFKA & Lookie?
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