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Some bad news.... [RIP The Boat]

The young poster The_Boat sadly passed away last night.

Such a young age as well.



  • Shit! What happened? He was only 17-ish....
  • RIP

    Sounds tragic what happened to him
  • felt ill on Tuesday like he had the flu.

    Within 12 hours he had died from Meningitus. Such a shock to all that knew him.
  • Christ that's awful, how can things like this happen to people so young


    Thoughts with his friends and family
  • Oh that's horrible. Palacehater, could you pass on condolences to his family?
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    That's really f*cking scary - exactly the same thing happened to me 4 years ago (almost to the day). Ended up in hospital for 4 months - still not recovered properly.

    RIP young fella.
  • FFS such a shame


    Thoughts with his friends and family
  • Terrible news.

  • Geez. If he's young as that.
    Always a loss.
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    Dreadful news.
  • That's terrible news - way, way too young to go. Rest in peace.
  • oh my god. thats awful.

  • RIP

    So sad at such a young age.
  • Jesus that is shocking....... my mate had it whne he was young....

    scary that it can just take you like that...

  • Maybe a wreath would be in order.
  • Absolutely tragic for that to happen so suddenly to someone so young.
  • RIP. All thoughts with his family and friends...

    A wreath of some kind certainly would be in order, if Palace Hater you know any details please share with one of us by whisper and we can organise something.
  • Definitely a good idea about the wreath, really tragic news and he was a regular contributor here, i'm sure there will be countless people willing to offer a contribution
  • I was back in London last week as my mother was diagnosed with cancer and I think she is young to be so ill at 67. This puts it all in perspective. Very tragic my thoughts are with his family.
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  • That is so sad.

  • Can't believe it,would definately like to contribute.

    R.I.P. Boat

    Charlton Till He Died God Bless You
  • I read elsewhere of a young lad and feared the worst it was a poster on here.

    No one deserves to go at that age.

    Palace hater, we'd like to organise some flowers on behalf of the Charlton Life community. If you are in contact with the family, please send me a whisper, or if you know someone that does then please get in touch.

    Others - If you would like to contribute, i'll arrange a meeting place before the QPR game. I'll post details on here tomorrow.

  • dreadful news so sad of someone so young
  • Awful News, Words never seem enough.

    RIP Feller
  • Absolutely shocking news. How terribly tragic.

    I never met you mate, but RIP.
  • Terrible news.

    RIP young man.
  • christ, that's so unfair.

    I hate to think how his family are trying to cope.

    Rip mate.
  • What tragic news. Puts all my so called "depression" about losing to Plymouth into proper perspective. What is that compared to a young man's life.

    Thinking of him and his especially his family who must be devastated.

    Any thing I can do re: mention in the programme or whatever flowers etc I'll be more than glad to put some money in.
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