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That explosion noise, Dartford area at midnight..

In case you were wondering, it was an explosion, at littlebrook


  • I live in Dartford and knew nothing about the demolition last night. My wife and I we asleep when this happened and it scared the living daylights out of us. It also started my dog barking and it took a while to calm him down again.
  • Heard it in West Thamesmead 
  • Demolition company don’t control the timing of the event.
  • Can't win with this sort of stuff, if they had to shut roads or disrupt traffic especially in somewhere like Dartford they would have been encouraged to work at night. Shit for anyone who doesn't know and is asleep but ultimately Dartford needs no encouragement to be a massive headache to road users and in turn the local and regional economy 

    Did anyone else hear the huge bang of thunder in central London about 2ish on Wednesday? If it wasn't for seeing a flash of lightening about 5 seconds before you could be forgiven for thinking it was a bomb 
  • I properly jumped out of my skin as did everyone else I was working with 
  • Me.  I luckily saw the flash of lightening too but still jumped out of my seat.

  • heard it in Abbey Wood
  • Heard it in Barnehurst loud and clear
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  • Heard it in Thamesmead and thought it was thunder.
  • Heard it in Welling, though wasn't too loud. Wondered for a moment if there was an intruder in a nearby garden.
  • I didn’t hear it.
  • I didn’t hear it.
    Not as loud as Krakatoa then?
  • Thought you were referring to me falling head first through the bushes pissed 
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