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Your definition of hell

Radio show - Scarlet Moffat

Tv - Towie or The Kardashians or any of the really shit reality shows

Drink - Liebfraumilch

Food - Jellied eels or Tripe and onions

Alan Pardew back as Charlton manager with KR as his assistant



  • I'm with Jean Paul Sartre: Hell is other people (No Exit).

  • Radio show - Nick Grimshaw or Chris Moyles

    Tv - Paul O'Grady getting emotional over dogs.

    Drink - Cherry coke

    Food - Anything that contains Sweetcorn

    Millwall and Palace in The Premier league
  • Palace and Millwall in the Premier League and us in League One, with Roland still as owner.
  • All of the above sound about right.
  • Loads of unruly kids on an expensive holiday, nightmare!
  • Radio show - Classical FM or Radio 4 talkathon

    Tv - Songs of Praise

    Drink - Poison

    Food - Insects

    Both Millwall and Palace in the Prem managed by Chris Powell and Alan Curbishley.
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  • Radio show - Never listen to the radio
    TV - Anything showing a graphic medical procedure or injections
    Drink- Whisky
    Food - Cheese
    Millwall or Palace winning the FA cup
  • Being pitchforked onto a bonfire by a demon whilst having rats gnawing their way out of my intestines, but not being able to die, forever.

    Failing that, being served a coffee that isn't made with Arabica beans.
  • Radio - populist shit like Heart or Magic

    Tv - any 'reality' show

    Drink - green tea

    Food - Jellied eels

    Football - Two Shats not selling
  • Thuram
  • Radio - Breakfast show on Capital with Martin Kemp's son

    Tv - Big Bang Theory

    Drink - Gin

    Food - Tuna with lashings of pickle

    Football - Arsenal vs Stoke
  • Vaz Te

    Cup v colchester away 2016?

    Plus whole team
  • cafcfan said:

    BR3red said:


    Thanks for that - how am I going to be able to sleep tonight now?
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  • edited April 2018
    Turning round in bed and seeing my mother in law after a night out.
  • Quarters of League cup v Wycombe 2006?

    Us Prem v Wycombe League 2

    Worst performance I have probably seen

    Les Reed scapegoat Carson, Bent, Holland, Fortune, Hasslewank, Rommeldahl,Sam . Cannot remember anyone else
  • Corbyn making teachers carry screwdrivers
  • iamdan said:

    Turning round in bed and seeing my mother in law after a night out.

    Where does she usually go?
  • LenGlover said:

    I'm with Jean Paul Sartre: Hell is other people (No Exit).

    To quote Dave Lister "but all his friends were French"
  • This forum without me in the wheelhouse
  • ...honk.....hooonk
  • Liverpool progressing in champions league
  • edited April 2018
    Hell is not being able to describe your hell because it’s too depressing and you can’t find a route out of the cycles and waves of continued personal and group self inflicted mental pain with hopes continuously raised to below standard levels even for then this minor win to be dashed against the rocky walls of perceived reality.

    Like being a Charlton fan under Duchatelet only 1000 times worse.
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