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More delusion - only 200 protesting according to Roland

The last paragraph contains this quote from Roland...

He also defends himself on the discontent at Charlton and the protests of the fans, "That was a small demonstration of 200 people, while there were 10,000 or 15,000 fans in the stadium who have not argued."


  • Did he fall asleep each time the game was being disrupted, inside the stadium?

    There are no words. Really.
  • You forget his feed only shows crowd scenes around the Directors box.
  • What a deluded tool. Still swallowing Latrien's 2% line. I wonder if he has seen any of the coverage or if he is relying on reports from the Western Front from our "CEO" and her SMT (Stunningly Mediocre Team)!!
  • Nice one Roland. His maths is almost as bad as his recruitment.
  • The serious issue here is that Roland obviously isn't phased one bit by the protests. Now that could be because KM is keeping him firmly with the mushrooms or he just refuses to accept the significance.
  • Maybe some nice people that have his email address could send him some pictures showing him quite how many people, and the people interviewing him, were actually at the protests.
  • The man's a complete tool.
  • Senile old goat
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  • how did this cretin ever become a success at anything?

    he's either a liar or is negligently mis-managing the entire Charlton debacle.

    thinking about it, if that article is to be relied upon, it's both.
  • Maybe Roland suffers from BSBDD... Baloon Stress Ball Deficit DIsorder?


    Ok, he's just a Belgian twat then...
  • It may be delusional, then again it may just be an outright lie told in the hope that no-one in Belgium finds out the truth. Knowing this regime though I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was both delusional and a lie.
  • This latest statement from Duchatelet explains why he has absented himself from attending a match at The Valley. He has convinced himself that the protests are just a 'Meire' storm in a teacup. He doesn't want to face up to the reality that he is despised by the overwhelming majority of Charlton supporters, and whilst he remains in his ivory tower back in Belgium, he can continue to avoid facing up to the truth. He is a sad delusional old man, and were he not inflicting such damage on our football club, I would most likely pity him, rather than hate him in a way and to a degree I never thought I was capable of.
  • 10-15000 'who have not argued'.

    Roland I know you graduated in the subject, but one of the first rules of Mathematics is you have to know how to count.

  • Seems like he forgot his medication again or perhaps took too much.
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  • Wonder how he will explain the plummeting season ticket figures?
  • I'm afraid we can't change your sheets again Mr Duchatelet....
  • He's not a well man
  • A stubborn old mule who spouts garbage as bad as his business plans.

    10-15k in the stadium who don't question the clubs fall from mid table to relegation using 3 managers in the process....

    You have to be on some serious ego trip to believe that is the case. How do you fight a man with no brain?!
  • Rolly on another wind up. It's how he gets his kicks. Sad old man.
  • He is a visionary. He's seeing the future. 10 years from now, 200 Charlton customers protesting outside Park View Road.
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Roland Out!