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Booing and jeering the big man everytime he does something wrong, and sarcastically applauding and cheering every header, isn't going to help him. He came on today for a tired Lookman, and our other players failed to react to the change. Simon is at his best with the ball played into his chest or feet, and he holds a player off before playing someone in who's running from deep, but we hardly ever play that way.

But for the love of God booing his every touch isn't going to bring the best out of him is it?


  • Sorry but a strikers job is to score goals. He doesn't. He will get booed. Score goals and he won't get booed.simple.
  • It's football, it happens. You pay your money you show your discontent, in the same way you show your content. I can't feel sorry for him, he's playing a job under pressure and playing poorly at it.

    For a man 2 metres tall he really does need to win some headers though. :)
  • If Lookman was tired looking Makienok's narcoleptic.
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    Nicholas said:

    Too the taking the piss out of him. You are .


    ; )
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  • He is a non league player.

    Harsh he is definitely league two standard in his technique although I'll agree with you his fitness is non-league.

    Not good at this level.
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    Nicholas said:

    Too the taking the piss out of him. You are .

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    Don't rate him but not his fault our stats based scouts saw a bloke of 6"7 who had been transferred for +£2M before and scored lots of goals in a weak league previously and thought we should sign him. Can't fault his effort and booing him is ridiculous.
  • Not sure who was worse, him or the fans
  • He has been very poor of late. For a man of his size to be so poor in the air will naturally attract criticism. I think the frustration is how often he is seen to be not challenging for the ball in the air. For him to be effective goes against the way the team seem to be playing. He comes on and it doesn't appear the rest know how to adapt. Playing balls into his feet or down the channels will never work!
  • Don't like taking the mick out our own

    Another tick in the box for Roland.
  • You could take a big basketball player or rugby back row and put them upfront. They'd cause some aggro for defenders, score the odd goal but you wouldn't call them a centre forward, or even a footballer. Ditto Mak.
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  • Booing our own players doesn't solve anything. It's dumb and will just lead to worse performances from the players in question.

    If you don't want to get behind the team, don't turn up.
  • Don't like taking the mick out our own

    But who was it really taking the mick, fans or player ?
  • For a player who showed he has some ability at the start of the season I reserve every right to jeer him after his last few performances. Truly woeful.
  • One of the most lazy players I have witnessed at this level hardly covers any yards.
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    He actually won more headers than usual when he came on, but to little effect.

    He needs to sit down tomorrow and watch a video of how Heskey played, as Heskey won everything in the air AND nearly always headed the ball to one of his teammates. He was easily their best player
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    Agreed the chanting is unnecessary but on the other hand he has looked piss poor for weeks. Felt bad for him at times on Saturday and against Ipswich especially, looked so far out of his depth it was embarrassing.

    What happened to the bloke who played against Hull?
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