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Charlton New Life

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Having become Dad to a little Charlton supporter a few weeks ago, I started a blog about fairly late fatherhood and this week features my failed attempt to get a Charlton babygro. Having bought many of them for mates' babies over the years, when I finally need one for my own son I find they don't sell them anymore.

Anyway, it's supposed to be humorous so do have a look if you're supposed to be working...



  • Good stuff, I enjoyed that.
  • Thanks LoOkOut. Much appreciated.
  • Vincenzo, loved it, wife had a little girl 3 weeks ago and it bought a lot back. Cute looking kid, enjoy the sleepless nights.
  • Charlton forever, lets hope so. Congratulations and all the best to you.
  • Thanks a lot, Steve and Numbers.

    And congrats to you too, Steve. Not sure how I'd handle the night feeds without the Ashes!
  • Must say, I enjoyed that read very much. Congrats
  • Congratulations Vincenzo!
    A good looking lad

    Thanks for the lovely read!
  • The link is blocked in Thailand!
  • Cheers Creepy and O-Randy.

    That's weird about Thailand. You can have a boy who's a girl who's a boy but you can't read my blog.

    I can only suggest you move tma. South London is lovely this time of year.
  • Made me smile on an otherwise dreadful day - Thanks
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  • Site is blocked at work so will read at home.
    Congrats on baby - just had our first, 3 weeks old tomorrow.

    Not got sky Sports so been listening to Ashes on 5 live extra via the TV.
    Definite been bit of a life saver although not sure how good it would have been if it was the Aussies piling on 500-1
  • Excellent read, just found it from the link about the Guardian article. Passed it on to a few new dads I know
  • edited February 2011
    [cite]Posted By: thai malaysia addick[/cite]The link is blocked in Thailand!

    I though the same but it isn't. It's accessible to adults only. Click on the orange rectangle to enter the site. (I don't read Thai, I asked the missus!)

    I became a dad for the first time aged 48 so empathise with Vincenzo.
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