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Charlton players to deliver Spurs tickets personally

From the OS

"Charlton today announced that due to adverse weather conditions and to avoid the Christmas rush players will be asked to deliver tickets for the upcoming FA Cup sponsored by Eon tie with Tottenham direct to fans."

Lee martin delivered mine. Jinked around the gate and flower beds about 7 times before throwing the tickets into next door garden.

Any one else?


  • Gary Doherty tried to deliver mine with his head. I'm still looking for it in the back garden.
  • Semedo bought mine, smashed through both the garden gate and front door without opening either and left them in a heap on the floor.
  • Benson had my other one, but he missed the letterbox.
  • Robbie Elliot delivered mine in a pink envelope.
  • Joe Anyinsah neatly delivered mine with some neat trickery backwards passing it into the letterbox, soon to limp away with cramp
  • McCormack was going to deliver mine but Parky didn't give him enough time to do so.
  • Simon Francis did mine went to post it through my letterbox but it skewed out of his hand and went through next doors instead
  • Lloyd Sam promised to deliever mine but he never turned up. Turns out he doing Leeds ones instead!
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    [cite]Posted By: Elthamaddick[/cite]Semedo bought mine, smashed through both the garden gate and front door without opening either and left them in a heap on the floor.

    He arrived late and the tickets are printed on yellow card
  • akpo sodje delivered my sons, the gate was stuck so he had to go over it unfortunately he jumped to early, and landed on top crushing his balls
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  • pawel abbott did mine for northwitch last year he was sooooooooooooooo slow I got them at Easter
  • I had the Mystery Buyer in the Shadows bring mine round....
  • parky did NLA's but , NLA refused to open the door until he went.
  • Chris Powell has just delivered my next one. He is still running in and out of the front gate waving his arms in the air.
  • Sepp Blatter turned up with my last one, but I couldn't afford the £1,000 premium for delivering it and he wanted me to pay for his overnight stop at the Hilton.
  • Arsene Wenger has just tripped over the door mat, he insists he didn't see it.
  • Northstandsteve delivered mine. I could hear him coming up the driveway saying that he couldn't believe I'd lived in the area for 5 minutes and he'd lived there for 30 years I was getting post my post before him.
  • got mine via the back door in a brown envelope marked Best wishes, Harry.
  • My Boss has just turned up with my P45 in the envelope, he reckons I'm spending too much time writing silly jokes.
  • Andy Peake tried to deliver mine. He tried to get it in the letter box from 25 yards but it ended up stuck in the chimney.
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  • Nicky Bailey attempted to deliver mine from 12 yards out, hopefully i'll find it, a few miles away, before the game.
  • Pardew sent mine. They were addressed to the wife though.
  • Scott Parker was going to deliver mine but then the Russian guy two doors up offered him £200 for the ticket and he took it there.
  • Peter Garland was supposed to deliver mine but he turned up this morning with some red and white crumbs at the side of his mouth............
  • Christian Dailly delivered mine and then asked if my wife was busy
  • Derek Hales delivered mine. The dog was going mad barking and jumping at him. So he shot it.
  • Denis Rommendahl delivered mine so I lamped the c**t and told him to feck off.
  • We have our letters delivered into a basketball net above the door, Carl Leaburn delivered mine in the end he held it up well but just couldn't find the net.
  • [cite]Posted By: HardyAddick[/cite]got mine via the back door in the brown

  • Svetoslav Todorov is due to deliver mine. He opened the gate a couple of hours ago and is making good progress up my 50ft front lawn
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