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Charlton players to deliver Spurs tickets personally



  • [quote][cite]Posted By: ISawLeaburnScore[/cite]Well I've not had mine personally delivered and I'm disgusted with how the club has treated me. I've had a season ticket since 1953 and haven't missed an away game since that fateful day when my car broke down en route to Rotherham in 1967.

    If only I could navigate the new under 12 art after-school club-designed website to vent my fury to someone in a position of responsibility.[/quote]

    That's irrelevant... people who have a five year season ticket have made a long term commitment to funding the club. You'll still easily get a ticket through the next phase of sale
  • Henry delivered mine, it is in Bromley somewhere, I explained I don't live in Bromley as it is a Palace area but he ignored me.
  • Mickey Thomas delivered mine. The ink was still wet on the tickets though?!?!
  • Someone called "Dean Sinclair" delivered mine. No idea who he is. He asked if I knew a "Stuart Fleetwood".
  • Lloyd Sam was going to deliver mine but after 20mins of trying to deliver, he got too tired and went home.
    Rob Elliot dropped mine, then the replacement went flying past him from a mile away but it is ok- he supports Charlton.
    Ross Worner could not reach the letterbox and is too small to be a great postman.
  • Morts delivered mine. A little swivel here, a little swivel there and then sweetly delivered through a gap in the open window. Sighs...if only...
  • Lloyd sam also delivered mine, ran round the house 10 times then slipped it through the chimney..
  • Johnny Bev delivered mine. 3 Adults tickets, 2 child tickets, said it was going to be a full house
  • Lionel Messi delivered mine en-route to the valley, apparently he's there to negotiate his wages with the new owners.
  • I'm still waiting for Nathan Prior to deliver mine. Rumour has it he hasn't got out of bed yet.

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  • Paolo DC delivered mine together with some Parma Ham,Buffallo Mozzarella and a box of Baci Perugina chocs.
    Grazie Grande Paolo....
  • [cite]Posted By: Oggy Red[/cite]I'm still waiting for Nathan Prior to deliver mine. Rumour has it he hasn't got out of bed yet.


    Will it be in the neck of a bottle?
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    Peter Garland was bringing mine but as I live between a pasty shop and a pie shop, he never made it.
  • Robbie Earle was supposed to deliver mine but he gave them to the Dutch girls next door.
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