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If you could get the news owners to change 3 things

What would you like to see done differently 

sensible options only please

quick wins -
rename Young Reds back to Junior Reds
bting back FLOYD and Harvey 

let’s go back to the good old days!

i wouldn’t mind if the food and drink were more sensibly prices around the ground too if that’s feasible!


  • 1 training ground

    2 training ground

    3 training ground

    4 more storage space for the Museum
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    Fill the pot holes, improve the catering and install flat mirrored surfaces in each toilet cubicle.
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     - More cycle storage -  for those who travel to The Valley by bicycle, and to attract others to do so.
     - Raised beds for flowers / Hanging baskets / Ivy: Externally, the ground looks rather austere.
     - Increase the offer of plant-based food within the ground.
    Alright Swampy..................only joking mate each to their own 😉
  • PopIcon said:
    Anyone caught smoking in the toilets should be given x amount of match bans.
    Rewarding bad behaviour?
  • Training ground including memorial garden
    Improved medical facilities
    Regular interaction with CAST
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  • Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe
  • Try to get some sort of deal with the rail companies whereby we can book our train tickets in advance without worrying that poxy Sky will move the date/ time of the game.Means more of us travelling and more support for the team.

    Do everything possible to fill the ground with realistic pricing - although in fairness I think it is pretty good at present.

    The obvious is to get LB Jacko etc signed up on good contracts and the rest should just fall into place with the team.COYR
  • (I'm assuming this is on top of funding squad/Bowyer and Prem infrastructure)

    Commit to staying at and developing the Valley to 40k, no plastic super stadium/club pls

    Level out/reduce ticket prices as of old particularly in the East, and commit to low keep ticket prices low(er) and catering

    can't think of a third


  • How about providing bottled water for the academy team? 
  • Open up the toilets in the East Stand......
  • Reintroduce the International Addicks scheme
  • Free away train travel. 

    Stadium tour on a Saturday morning.

    A sensible plan for the future
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  • Lots of good ideas here.
    The club to formally recognise the supporters trust as the clearly legitimate fans group with whom to liaise.
    The club to legally separate the Valley pitch from the rest of the entity and give ownership free gratis to the Trust.
    The training ground complete development as HI says above.
  • v numbers embroidered onto player's shirts.
  • Complete the training ground development

    Finish the stadium (electronic hoardings, undersoil heating)

    Re-integrate the women's team fully
  • Expand the community work again! More football summer camps for kids. Charity outreach, etc. Make SE London feel like a Charlton area once more!

    Get rid of all pro-Dutchatelet elements. A completely fresh start. Driesen out. Keohane out. Murray out. Start over. Murray MUST go.

    Sign promising young players on proper contracts. 

    Work on upgrading the youth set-up.

    Create some sort of memorial or nod to commemorate the fan's fight to save their club. 

  • Minimum 20 chips in a portion.

  • When the current catering contract is up, do their best to get some decent beer and food 

  • Be nice to have the Jimmy Seed stand developed and have a fully enclosed stadium. 
  • Let the staff eat as many packets of crisps as they want. They deserve it!!.
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    Give me a free season ticket :)
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