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Lee Bowyer - 100% Support banner needed

Lee Bowyer 100% Support banner needed. 

We had it for Chris Powell when he was under pressure at a time when I think it’s fair to say there was less (not much) than 100% support for Chris. That was because we thought it important to show solidarity and respect his achievements.

A banner for Lee means at this present time much much more. The very heart and soul of the club is at stake. I think very few people would disagree if I said that it’s Lee that has not only turned around our fortunes on the pitch against all the odds but he has also managed to get every single Charlton fan back hopeful that we are indeed at the start of a journey. Not only is Lee fundamental to our on field progress but he’s also the glue that right now is holding the very fabric of the club together. We haven’t collectively as fans been this united since SCP got us back into The Championship with that record breaking points total.

We have a madman as an owner who cares not a jot about Charlton Athletic other than squeezing every last pound out of his abject failure. The very idea that Bowyer should be in a position where he might not be give a contract and walk away would surely break what’s left of an already broken football club. 

Lee Bowyer 100% Support



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