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POLL: How you feeling this morning?

Has @oohaahmortimer famous IBS spread like the plague throughout this website or are we all relatively relaxed?

POLL: How you feeling this morning? 399 votes

Nervous as hell
55% 223 votes
Relaxed and looking forward to it
26% 104 votes
Excitement level 10, buzzing like Roadrunner on Speed
18% 73 votes


  • How are you feeling?
  • C’mon you Reds
  • Sh*tting myself.
  • Am off work today.
    Was looking at getting over Charlton for 4pm, can see that being earlier.
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    A bit of all three but primarily “A”. Just praying we don’t cock this up. Never ever have a better chance with the team we have and the state of Sunderland.  I just have this fear that karma is a funny thing. Hope we don’t sit back and defend tonight
  • I'm sorry I don't get all this nervous malarkey.

  • Anyone else try to tick both nervous and excited!
  • Apart from the IBS , all good , totally confident we’re going through .

    I’m never usually this positive but I’ve said it for ages we’re going to Wembley 

  • Excitement level 10 for me.

    Maybe it’s my maturing years, heading towards 50, but you need to savour times like these, I may not see them again, summed up by Airman’s great article. I’m confident we can get the result we need tonight so ride the Bowyer wave.

    in contrast my two daughters are in the nervous as hell camp. They’ve not seen the Valley at full tilt and were slightly to young to see/appreciate the league 1 Champion’s run under Powell.

    we can’t effect whether Parker will get his shot on target, or if Naby makes that last second interception.

    what we can do is get behind the team, loudly, make it uncomfortable for Doncaster and suck the ball into the net in front of the Covered End and look forward to the next stage.

  • I'm good. I think we'll win. Which will just make it all the more heartbreaking if we lose.
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  • Relaxed at the moment . When they walk out and “The Red , Red Robin is playing the nerves will kick in I’m sure.
  • There’s good news and bad news .. Bad news is that my prostate surgery planned for today is cancelled because the consultant wants to explore other options (WTF does that mean!). The good news is I can now take my seat in the West Upper for the match. The missus says she wants to come with me and that makes me nervous as hell. Seriously, more nervous about this match than I was about last Sunday. 
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    I’m feeling positive. Which is now making me feel nervous :(;)
    I just think tonight we will be too much for them. The Valley will be rocking, and though there may be one or two nerves initially because it is an ‘occasion’, I think the team and the vocal support will just be too good, and too strong.
    So i’m relaxed and looking forward to it.
    At the moment....
  • I feel like this should be an relatively routine game but we don't do routine. 
  • bobmunro said:
    Sh*tting myself.
    This x10
  • There have been far too many overconfident posts planning viewings for the final, Wembley plans etc, for my liking. It’s one game and there is every chance Doncaster could be planning this time tomorrow morning.

    lets get there before thinking of the next game
  • Nervous for the game and nervous about waking up for kick off.
  • After watching the other play-offs, nervous but excited! Wishing the day away to get to the rocking Valley.
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  • Cool as a cucumber and looking forward to it
  • I ticked excited. But actually I feel sick!
  • Bricking it. 41 years of watching Charlton tells me that in big games like this, they have the ability to let you down 90% of the time.
  • I woke up this morning feeling fine
  • Never expected to feel this nervous, but I'm like a virgin in a brothel.
  • GNelson said:
    I woke up this morning feeling fine
    Is there something special on your mind?
  • though i voted nervous as hell, i'm more rather negative about the whole thing. I have that horrible feeling that letting that late goal happen last time out will come back to haunt us. 
  • Currently relaxed but was like this for the first leg. Half hour before kick off and the nerves will hit again.
  • Quietly confident as we have been playing well and if Donny do go though then they will have earned it. 
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