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Leonard Cohen

Has died aged 82


  • A Canadian icon - the whole country here will be in mourning :(
  • Released his last album only a few weeks ago, when he also said "I am ready to die, I hope it's not too uncomfortable. That's about it for me." Later said he was "exaggerating. I've always been into self dramatisation. I intend to live forever"

    His music & words certainly will. RIP.
  • The great Leonard, Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye RIP
  • "Hallelujah"

  • edited November 2016

    I don't Know how to embed a YouTube video. This is a video for So Long Marriane tho, my favourite.

    So Long Leonard
  • Another good one gone. F*ck you 2016!
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  • One of my favourites forever. Goodbye Leonard. Getting the new album for my birthday in a few weeks. RIP. BBC link:
  • So sad, brilliant poet and songwriter, his songs part of my life.Rest in Peace Leonard.
  • RIP

    Loved a select few of his songs
  • Will never forget some wannabe off ShitFactory was being interviewed and come out with "this week I'm gonna be singing Hallelujah by ALEXANDRA BURKE". Before thaf I had a little deal with the Mrs that she could it as long as I could watch MOTD, but from the day on that programe has never been mentioned in this house, unless the mother in law is here and it's anything to keep her quiet. And MOTD in on on a Sunday morning anyway, which he Mrs never knew
  • Just terribly sad news.

    For all the fact that, in the '80s, a sure sign that a party was over was when the wannabe Goth in the room put on one of his records, Leonard Cohen was an absolute legend.
  • Suzanne. Say no more.

  • Very sad about this. So Long Marianne was a particular favourite of mine, also liked some of his later stuff - Slow in particular. RIP
  • Sad news. There's a guy at work that sings Suzanne to me nearly every day when he sees me.

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  • RIP

    The music really will live on
  • Laughing Len was introduced to me by legendary Croydon covers band Project X, with their excellent version of First we'll take Manhattan. RIP
  • Sheesh.
    There is going to be some great big gig in the sky from the 2016 casualties.
    R I P Leonard.
  • Was in Trafalgar Square and a busker played So Long MaryAnne yesterday. Very poignant for me as I lost a Friend last year called Mary Anne and I love Leonard Cohen's poetry and Music.
    So long Leonard. RIP.
  • Never was one man's torment, failed love affairs and general misery so eloquently expressed in song and verse R I P
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