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Caption competition


  • Yup, this one will do,it's more comfortable than the one they destroyed.
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    'And if the chosen fans lay on the new sofa at this angle, close one eye and squint through the other they can see the large chap in the cardie signalling there's 2 mins left to play...'
  • Hurry up Katrien, this hole in the back of my trousers is getting me cold. Get your big nose here now
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    Ding dong the dick is dead!!
  • The sofa has gone for a Burton......
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    Today I was going to release that cure for cancer that I've been developing, but I've just read the Official Manager Rumours Thread on Charlton Life and now I'm so depressed nothing seems to matter anymore. I think I might just lie here and slowly starve to death instead.
  • RD: They've destroyed her... I hope those pesky Charlton fans are happy now they've destroyed my one true love.

    Assistant: Katrien's dead?

    RD: Noo they've destroyed my Sofa!!
  • Roland slipped into a meat coma after eating 2% of the Father's Day carvery leftovers.
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  • Corpse found at the back of the BHS furniture department. Post mortem suggests he's been dead for three years.
  • Sofa King Randy Roly slips leather settee one in memory of lost pitchside lover.
  • "Katrien, I'm ready for my face sitting now."
  • Roland passes out when Ollie in communications asks for a new camera.
  • Doctor, Doctor, I think I'm a good football club owner.
  • Wannabe adult actor assumes his position on the casting couch.
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    One looks like a bit of cheap material off the backside of a cow - the other is a leather sofa.
  • The manager of my local british home stores yesterday
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    Lie down on the couch! What does that mean?
    You're a nut! You're crazy in the coconut!
  • "Looovelyyyyy, loooovelyyyy!"
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  • There's bound to be at least three Euros in loose change down the back of this.
  • It's cheaper than a prossi.
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    If any bugger tries to destroy THIS sofa they will have to take me too!
  • "FFS! Katrien told me she dropped a pound coin down the back of this fucking thing!"
  • If I pretend I'm dead the Charlton fans might go a bit easier on My daughterKartien.

    Well you'd be wrong there Roly.
  • "......and from this angle everything seems to be Ok"
  • Hey Katrien do you wanna tryout the seats in my private jet. By the way have we tried teabagging? Numerous former employees have suggested I should do this!
  • shirty5 said:

    Lie down on the couch! What does that mean?
    You're a nut! You're crazy in the coconut!

    Classic, Avalanches frontier psychiatrist. That boy needs therapy.

    'And milk Rectangles, to an optometrist, the man with the golden eyeball
    And tighten your buttocks, pour juice on your chin'

    Heard a rumour they are going to finally release a second album.
  • Doctor, Doctor - Nobody loves me, the whole world hates me.
    That's not true Roly - some people don't even know you.
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Roland Out!