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Naby Sarr

Your views on Mr Sarr? Thought he was outstanding in the first 45 today and abysmal in the second half - lacked pace, easily turned, misplaced headers and constantly out of position.
Is there a footballer in there or just an accident waiting to happen?


  • At the moment don't think hes good enough for the championship. Sporting fans warned us that he was a liability and paying 1.7m for him seems like wasted money (big shock eh). However he is young and had a few good games, so don't completly write him off yet.
  • The latter; he's a liability as far as I'm concerned.

    We need Bauer back fit again asap and a LB in too. Its good to see Solly back to his old ways and looking pretty solid, and Lennon also appeared pretty competent.

    I think our defence is the weakest part of the squad at the moment, although a tony watt style striker would be nice, but Sarr looks both lacking confidence (hence some of his choices) as well as technically weak.
  • There's possibly a player in there. He wasn't outstanding. He reminds me of Jorge Costa with that ability to make the simple complicated, and that knack for continually getting the wrong side of the attacker.
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    I wouldn't say outstanding but he was solid defensively in the first half, made some good passes but gave the ball away on occasion. Second half I fully agree, getting wrong side of his man, muscled off the ball, misplaced passes - awful. I do admire that after making a mistake he still shows for the ball. He's got the attributes to be a decent defender but needs an experienced head next to him to help him with his positioning.
  • There's got to be a player in there somewhere to have been called up to the French U21s... I'm still relatively confident he can become a decent championship centre back along with Bauer.
  • I think he's a good player.

    People by default assume he's rubbish and then when he plays well, we act surprised

  • Unfortunately is prone to more than one serious error per game.

    Too many miskicks. Also tries to nick the ball ahead of the attacker and gets turned.

    Then that bizarre double header error today.

    May improve with time but I'm not convinced at all.

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  • I thought the first half he played very well, when there was very little pressure. Once the pressure mounts he panics.
    He is very young, and with an experienced defender alongside I think he would be fine.
    I will say that he tries and I believe he cares.
  • Like many of our young players he'd look better and probably develop more in a stronger more experienced team. He looks awkward at times and has made basic errors but has also shown he's got something.

    Before this season neither Sarr or Lennon had started 10 first team league games in their career.
  • The bloke was awful yet again. However his young and he should be playing alongside an experienced centre back. Same goes for Lennon.
  • Not impressed skill wise but he worked bloody hard for the team today, for me the jury's out.
  • In the second half he made several real hashes, BAD misjudgements. Until he can reduce the errors, he will always be a liability
  • There is a player in there. No doubt in my mind. He was solid in the first half. The issue with him is that he gets rattled very easily and has a habit of overplaying in dangerous positions.

    Simple fact is, he's 21 (or something similar) learning his trade in a very physical league, in a poor team which lacks leaders, so it is almost inevitable that his performances will suffer.

    This is where I am at also. When he's confident and prepared he is very good indeed but as soon as he makes even a small mistake he unravels rapidly. With time or in a less pressurized situation he can be a very good Championship defender but he's still extremely erratic.

    Lennon seems to be the kind of player who will always do the simple thing if possible. Sarr on the other hand will try something more risky which will put either the opposition on the back foot... or us. And there's no way of telling which it will be!
  • If Forest had some decent strikers they would have made us pay for the 3 bad errors he made during the game.

    Lennon is not much better both need an experienced head alongside them
  • Who ever recommended him as a player should hand in their p45.

    Lennon and Solly got him out of trouble during the second half.
  • As a defender you can't regularly have a good 45 and a bad 45 in the same game and be anything other than a liability.
  • I thought he was good in the first half. Second half, not so. Needs someone experienced next to him.
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    As a defender you can't regularly have a good 45 and a bad 45 in the same game and be anything other than a liability.

    This. He clearly has something about him and he, like all players, needs time to settle but he makes too many mistakes now.

    hence why we've signed Williams and it looks like Johnson and why Diarra was being picked ahead of him.
  • Think he is and will end up far better than Lennon.

    Committed a couple of extremely clever fouls/semi-fouls today; one in particular would have been a red if the player had milked it but he stayed *just* ok
  • He scares the shit out of me.
  • sam3110 said:

    Better than Lennon in the past couple of games, but hey he's not an academy product and he was signed in the RD era so everything he does is shit and he's a liability, nicking a living and all the rest of it


    I would expect a defender signed for £1.6m to be better than Lennon, a guy who was hardly the star player in the academy like Gomez (or to an extent THD) was
  • Konsa will overtake Lennon soon if reports are accurate, tbf
  • Leuth said:

    Konsa will overtake Lennon soon if reports are accurate, tbf

    Doesnt Konsa play in Midfield these days though? - He appeared to in the cup match against Millwall
  • He has a knack of clearing the ball as hard as he can, with the ball landing about 5 yards away from him.
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