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Any news on Church...



  • we have no evidence that piotr the pole is any better than churchy, so we have to wait and see the friendlies/first few games as to who is our new look, fearful strike force...
  • If he ever reads the over the top nonsense written about him on here i wouldn't be surprised if confidence isn't shot.

    Wouldn't worry Beds, it's all just banter. He can dish it out too. If you doubt it, ask the speccy northern kid.............
  • Slag Church if you will, but I reckon he could be a big player for us next season.
    So many goals these days are the result of pressing defenders into mistakes.
    Takes a hard working athletic forward to do this. These are Church's best attributes.
    It's up to Big Bob to recognise this and use him accordingly.
  • edited June 2014
    He had a disruptive pre-season whilst he searched for a club (Only really joined us right before Bournemouth) after turning down a Contract @ Reading.

    Lets see how he does in the Summer and next season before slagging any player off... Last season was done, its gone, forget it
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