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Mark Hughes confirmed as Stoke Manager

Just been confirmed on the beeb, not a major surprise been coming for days. Will this be Stokes Dowie moment, or is this being unfair on Hughes. I have to admit when I heard about the fans being unhappy with Pullis and wanting change it did take me back a few years.


  • oh dear, mistake in my opinion. Don't rate Hughes at all.
  • Cant see much difference. Hughes will have the playing similar football as they do already without worrying about going down.
  • relegation certs
  • that's them relegated
  • a change for changing sake that one in my lovely eyes, same old same old.
  • That's 2 places sorted, I reckon Stoke will finish bottom.
  • They're welcome to him
  • Think he will do ok tbh
  • I think they were going to be in trouble next season with Pulis in charge anyway. This probably hasn't made it much better, but don't think they're that much worse off with Hughes.
  • This is all too familiar.
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  • Is he as bad as people think?

    Ok he made an absolute mess at QPR but before that he managed Wales, Blackburn, City and Fulham and did pretty well.
  • He'll be gone by Christmas.
  • He's bad enough that Stoke fans don't want him there, and its unlikely the players will get on with him. Some clubs can see that through with enough quality (Chelsea/Benitez). Clubs like Stoke are never 100% established in the Premier League and this could be a disastrous move.
  • What a refreshing and inventive appointment.

    3 year contract = another big Hughesy pay off. Has he not had enough yet?
  • bad move, agree gone by Christmas, and Stoke to finish bottom 4
  • He's hardly got a top rated CV. Strange move - thought they might go for someone from a lower league with a proven win ratio and strong motivational skills.
  • How does he keep getting employed?
  • Would people say Martin Jol is a good manager? Fulham came 8th under Hughes, better than what Jol has achieved in his 2 seasons in charge. Massive simplification obviously, but it's not as black and white as saying Hughes is terrible just because of his record at QPR.
  • What dabos said
  • edited May 2013

    How does he keep getting employed?

    Because there's no one better that would take the jobs he takes.
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  • Same agent as Appleton surely.
  • He was one of those players you would love to have on your side but hated as an opponent, I remember him getting Carl Tiler sent off. He has the potential to do a good job at Stoke, but it depends how he approaches it. A bit like Parky, he is not a quick fix manager, so Stoke fans may see the worst of him before they see the best, if there is a best.

    Don't agree that they would have gone down with Pullis, its the same argument some have with Curbs. Both managers would have done things in the summer to change their squads and in Pullis's case it just shows how disloyal Clubs can be when Managers have turned the clubs around, but face irritation from the fan base.

    Hopefully, Hughes will fail, but he could just as easily turn it around. For his sake he needs to as he cannot afford another QPR on top of the resignation debacle at Fulham.
  • Stoke will be alright,there are three worse teams in the PL.I have to say that because my wife's family are from the Potteries and they are all fanatical Stoke fans.
  • Why?
  • Think he's decent if the board control the budget, wages etc - did well at Blackburn and reasonably well at Fulham. Also did well with Wales.

    Problem is that when he's given free reign he's like a kid in a sweet shop (City, Fulham) and just buys without thought of where they'll fit in or forward planning - QPR needed the Villa/Swansea approach of good scouting and looking for decent younger players, not a squad of over paid has-beens.

    Can see him doing alright if they don't give him control of the budget.
  • Nice vote of confidence for Hughes from his new employer - on the same day that his appointment was announced, Bet365 cut Stoke's relegation price from 4/1 to 7/2
  • Mark Hughes = Tony Pulis in a suit
  • Can't see Hughes keeping Stoke up, they may as well have Nerys Hughes!*

    *young people google the name!
  • May allow QPR to offload some of the winners that he landed them with.
  • Mark Hughes slowly and surely taken his place amongst what I term "the usual suspects" i.e. the ex managers who rock up at the next available job so that would also include Souness, Peter Reid in the past I have to say Mick McCathey is another. You have to wonder exactly why Mark Hughes was given the job after all he hardly set the world alight at Fulham and then left QPR in a dire mess.

    Don't get me wrong I didn't have much time for Tony Pulis I thought he was an aggressive little shit but can anyone really think that Mark Hughes is an improvement? Stoke are done for they will get exactly what they didn't want....relegation.
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