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Froch v Ward



  • 4-1 for me Froch needs to get after him the more time that goes past it isn't going to help him
  • only one man in it, needs a knock out froch
  • Lovely to watch a boxer with the skills of Ward. 5-1 so far, it's a clinic!!'
  • Froch will be on his arse within 2 more rounds
    What do you base that on? Ward couldn't knock a bantamweight out. He isn't a power puncher - the only way he'll take Froch out is if he gets knackered enough to fall over.

  • It's all just too easy exactly what I thought would happen
  • edited December 2011
    special talent andre ward, total mismatch this
  • It must be so dis heartening for Froch, he can't find a target and the rare times he does it doesn't have an effect. Ward is bullying him at times but you just have to love the way Froch just does not quit!
  • Ward is real world class there is the difference

    Froch is superb and one of the best in the world but ward is just an excellent boxer and the best man has won this super 6

    I had it by 8 rds , no way was it as close as 2 rds

  • 115-113 on two cards!!! Yeah right. Awful scoring.
  • Poor scoring

    But how broken is froch's hotter shit what a conk
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  • Ward was alot better than i was expecting, i wasnt expecting him to be so strong. Very good fight but froch was just outclassed. Im off to bed night all
  • enjoyed the fight well worth staying up for night all.
  • I did call that. Ward is class. :-)
  • Poor scoring

    But how broken is froch's hotter shit what a conk
    that looked ready to pop from the 1st round
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