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Froch v Ward

Really looking forward to this tonight , though ill probably have to shelve half ny sky box to tape it.

How do others see it going ? Personally think Froch is going to far too strong for him. Best chance I see Ward having is an in and out job, relying on his quick hands scoring then backing off. Can't see him keeping that up for twelve rounds though.

Really hoping that this is Froch's legacy fight.


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    Should be a good fight as both fighters are in great condition but I think Froch will find it very tough to beat Ward and I see him losing on points.
  • I really want Froch to win it, one of my favorite boxers ,



    But i think Ward will be to cute for him, i dont Froch will be able to land the KO punch that he will need to beat him , Ward will do exactly what you said , Jab in and out keep moving for 12 rounds


    Froch will have to resort to following him around the ring and look un tidy in the process,



    Hope i am wrong but i can only see Ward winning this and i will be gutted

  • Froch will nick this on points... be staying up for this!
  • what time is the fight
  • Ward points
  • Fight is coming on about 2:30am.

    Ward is a fantastic boxer and is very versatile and as much as I think Froch is good value for money, I don't think he has the boxing ability to win. Ward is elusive and will be very hard to hit flush, where as Froch is very easy to hit, yes he is hard as nails but too much is made of his power. He doesn't have the speed, footwork, movement or defence to deal with Ward.

    Ward to make Froch look rather ponderous and one dimensional though his determination and sheer ferocity will result in a couple of good patches.

    Ward by wide UD.
  • Tell you what

    Kell Brooke fighting tonight as well great night for British boxing potentially

    Just hope it lives up to the bill

    I cant wait tbh
  • Will be a good fight with both of them in good form and great shape. I think froch will just nick the fight and will win by k/o in the 7th after them both going down once.


  • Ward is a good boxer. I think he'll win this quite easily.

  • Froch cannot win on points ward is a better boxer he need to out hustle him early and stop him ,if ward gets through early rounds i see a win for ward by four rounds odd,but froch can hit and you never no early
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  • Ward on points. Froch will have to knock him out to win on the cards over there, and I don't see hikm having the smarts necessary to get in and do serious damage. Shame, as I think if it was over here, it would be a much better fight as Ward would know he's not likely to be given three clear rounds like he will from yank judges.
  • What time is "Kick-off" ?
  • Between 2.30 and 3 I think
  • Ward will land too many punches on Froch and the fight will be stopped in the ninth.
  • Some amount of claret in this undercard ,
  • Don't know enough about the boxing to make a prediction, but echo what NLA said about Froch - good fighter and a decent bloke  - good luck Carl!
  • Where are you nolly

    Come on kel let's go to work take this dude out quick and in style
  • got the job done, fairplay to Galarza showed some spirit
  • Yep I thought he done a spot on job , could've done it a round or 2 earlier but looked good enough , his ko power wernt really there to see

    Shame but good win out of the way
  • Good fight there from Brook showed some spirit but like they said Galarza just was not nearly up to his level. Looks up to do good things.
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  • Bloody hell - that ref in the Miranda fight was awful!
  • Bloody hell - that ref in the Miranda fight was awful!
  • yeah was shocked to see him step away after he gave the 8 count after he still had the mouthguard out.

    Awful Ref

  • Bloody buzzing for this now that face to face was intense! FOTY contender on the way I think, just hope Froch can stop him because I can't see him getting it if it goes the distance.
  • Really excited about this one, going to be a great one I feel. Amir is making me laugh trying to plead his case at every opportunity.
  • Amir's been doing that every time I've seen him since he lost. That decision was craop, but he seriously needs to get over it. Hope Froch wins, but suspect it'll be Ward on points. Think Woodhall had it right in the lead-up segment discussing tactics, Ward will stay outside and not let Froch establish himself
  • wards round there
  • Onlu thing that winds me up about Froch - he's really slappy - a lot of inside glove hand slaps, especially when he tries to throw a lot quickly. He looks outmatched here, Ward's a lot faster and looks it too.
  • Think Froch needs to rush Ward to get back in this, he is fighting at Ward's pace.
  • Froch will be on his arse within 2 more rounds
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