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Louis Mendez’ journey back from Blackpool

I’m sure many of you follow him on twitter, but his account of his journey home from Blackpool was first class 😂

At the time of writing this, he’ll probably be tucked up in bed, and he learnt a valuable lesson about the consistency and reliability of the Bayliss Coach, but when he wakes up to see a whole thread dedicated to it, perhaps he could elaborate more

My favourite bit was the replacement cab laid on when he got back to Euston that got lost and dropped him off by a closed road at 2.52am.

Can you imagine how much harder this would’ve been had we not come back with at least a point 


  • He finally made it home at 4.08am!
  • Looked an absolute horror show 
  • I saw his tweet about cancelled train and getting 9.05pm and a coach replacement and thought fuck I’m gonna have to drive up and get my son and his 3 mates from somewhere up north.
    messaged The space cadet and he said 9.40pm they were due to pull in to Euston phew ….picked him up from tube station at 10.30pm 

    poor old Louis but let’s be honest every bit of luck in the Charlton universe was used up when Rhodes missed that chance , so rough with the smooth 

    and I always make sure every taxi driver I have bangs on Waze if they don’t have it my phone provides it , Take humans out of the equation.
  • Best we don’t mention it during the podcast this morning folks. Wouldn’t be fair………….😈
  • Karma, place, close thread 😬
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    You say cab, by that due you mean a mini cab. If so what do you expect. Glad he got home safe eventually.
  • The lengths some of us go ay, to see our 9 defenders nick a point away at the mighty tangerines.
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  • The irony of the 'non' HS2 construction works at Euston proving the final blocker.

    If ever there was an account that tells why we need modern infrastructure and more capacity, rather than the backbone of the country relying on knackered assets and a shocking customer model.

    Great story though!! 
  • If only people had their own means of transport that could take them from A to B under their own steam (or petrol or diesel....)

    Must get onto my old mate Mr Ford.
  • Big question here @LouisMend is, did you have sufficient cans for the journey?
  • Even luckier that I managed to get the 6:18 train yesterday from Preston. Apparently there was nothing running to Birmingham after 9PM. Made it by 20 seconds. Otherwise would have probably been sat outside somewhere watching the wrestling on my phone at silly AM.

  • LouisMend said:
    And no, it wasn't character building, and no those are not the lengths I'm willing to go through to watch this team. I would not do it again. 
    Spoken like a true PalARSE fan.
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    Sorry you had such a crap trip Louis, shame they can’t put you on the team bus.
  • Sorry you had such a crap trip Louis, shame they can’t put you on the team bus.
    Restraining order?
  • cfgs said:
    Sorry you had such a crap trip Louis, shame they can’t put you on the team bus.
    Restraining order?
    was rescinded after Conor Washington left
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  • Remember coming back from Accrington last season and being jerked around by Avanti at Preston
  • I'd have called it a day at Preston and stayed overnight.
    The next day Avanti could do one if they wanted another ticket out of me.
  • That's worse than the journey home I had after an evening game at Old Trafford, where we got stuck in a traffic jam on the M6 at about 1am, and our coach got bricked in East Acton. Think I may have still got home roughly the same time as @LouisMend even so.
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