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POST-MATCH THREAD: Blackpool vs Charlton Athletic: Saturday 27th January 2024 | KO 15:00

I don’t know where to start! So straight to the point: Charlton road their luck whilst defending like keystone cops on ice skates at times, but deserved something from the game if only because Blackpool couldn’t make good on their gilt-edge chances. 

In the first half, Blackpool looked a cut above, but they hit the post, hit the crossbar (then we hit our own crossbar!), and had one cleared off the line; basically, everything but scoring! Charlton were living the charmed life until early in the second half when substitute Lloyd Jones continued his poor run of form to say the least. Jones dabbled on the ball letting Dembele in to score the opener. It looked like the flood gates would then open, but caretaker head coach Curtis Flemming made changes and Charlton hung in until the equaliser came through an Alfie May shot that ricocheted into the box and was deflected home by the defender. Charlton looked like they might pull off a heist in the final twenty minutes, but were unable to find the breakthrough. Nonetheless, a draw is a good result given the circumstances.

Every point counts!

Blackpool 1 Charlton 1

Over to you.


  • Deserved to lose. Didn't.
    We are staying up, say we are staying up. 
  • Definitely lucky to get a draw, they should have been 2 or 3 up and our goal was very fortunate but we deserved it after so many late goals against us. We also put in a good shift in the last 25 mins and could have got more in the end.
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  • Got away with one but will take the point. Didn't see a marked improvement in performance post Appleton which is slightly concerning. Still carrying too many players who just aren't at the required standard.

    Down to 18th and properly amongst it. Huge month ahead.
  • 60 minutes of usual dross but refreshing to finish on the front  foot  for the last third for a change. An unexpected point and no late goal against.
  • Very decent point.
    The table looks scary. 
  • edited January 27
    Thought we were great last 30 minutes & could've nicked it.  Great point.

    Baby steps
  • Blackpool should have been out of sight after a very poor first half for Charlton. Amazingly, we looked the more likely to win after a somewhat fortuitous equaliser. 

    The subs made a difference. Lloyd Jones made a bad mistake to gift them the opener but played well afterwards, so I hope he doesn't get too much grief. Louie Watson gave us more attacking impetus. Daniel Kanu's pace and direct running helped both to alleviate pressure and create chances.

    An unlikely and barely deserved point but, in our position, you take what you can get. Let's hope it's a result that engenders some belief and gives us something to build on.
  • Feels like a win.
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  • A point closer to safety, need a new manager in soon though 
  • Need to get a proven, competent manager in to get a realistic view of the squad. So we know where the issues lie going into next season. 

    Sick of keeping 6-8 of the first-team during each 'rebuild' and us still to look just as bad as the previous season. 
  • Could be a vital point come the end if the season  

    Currently we are in a false position and I'm.not even taking about other teams having games in hand. 

    The 2 teams directly below us (Port Vale and Wycombe) were due to play each other last Saturday but the game was postponed. Whatever happened in that game would have meant one of them going above us. 

    Derby next week will a tough match & then we face Reading away. We are now into @seth plum 's "must win" mantra. 

  • Fmark: initial selections dodgy, using Jones just wrong, no obvious shape or tactic for at least an hour
    AMB: needs dropping
    NESS: truly sadly deeply pony
    THOMAS: decent 
    GILLESPHEY: decent, injured? (natch)
    ASIIMWE: rusty which is unsurprising
    REG: out of position and it showed
    DOBSON: just George
    BAKINSON: mostly unremarkable, important defending at end
    T.WATSON: hampered by being out of position
    MAY: Alfie!!!!!
    LADAPO: inexplicable
    JONES: hopeless 
    KANU: plenty of rough edges but at least it's obvious he's up for it, needs to just whack it occasionally
    Referee: typically ludicrous performance by ego maniac football dullard Drysdale still just as shit as he's always been
    L.WATSON: n/a with him around we really don't need to be rehabbing crocks like Fiorini for Citeh do we?
  • Need a keeper AMB very dodgy
  • One point on a manager bounce.
    When do tickets for the big relegation crash bang wallop match at Wycombe go on sale?
    I’ve already booked my flights (not joking)
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