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POST-MATCH THREAD: Oxford United vs Charlton Athletic: Saturday 26th August 2023: KO 3:00pm

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Dean Holden’s men had a week following a poor run to work out the kinks and establish a game plan for in-form Oxford. Making a number of changes, the Addicks started brightly only to be undone on the counter attack and find themselves a goal down inside ten minutes. 

We were lucky to only be down 1-0 at halftime but a couple more changes going into the second half saw us start strong again. This time we managed to sustain the pressure. We outplayed Oxford and found ourselves level through an Alfie May goal from the edge of the six yard box. However, a moment of collective stupidity saw us concede a second when Oxford found themselves with no less than five on the counter. Our lapse in concentration cost us again.

We’re simply devoid of so many things!

Oxford 2 Charlton 1

Over to you.


  • Absolute garbage!
  • Holden's body language towards the end was telling - he looked a beaten man
  • There is nothing to like about this Charlton team/squad.
    The first five league games have not provided an ounce of encouragement for the rest of the season.
  • No fucking clue….what was that first half lineup….when I looked at that I said we are in trouble….going down with this side
  • Is that our 5th straight loss? If so, awful and we will struggle to overcome it, just like winning from a losing position.
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  • Holden is a clown and his coaches clearly can't do their jobs to a level high enough to get us promoted. Nice bloke blah blah but he cannot be defended at this stage with these results.
  • Absolutely Shocking. I have said before the new owners don’t trust him enough to warrant spending. Holden talks a good game but is absolutely shite. Get rid 
  • Holden is well out of his depth and already we're in a complete mess this season. 
  • Holden needs to go, but who would come this shit show?
  • Holden seems a lovely guy. But he’s tactically inept. Lost this game in the first half. He’s not good enough. 
  • I don’t think I have seen a Charlton side that make this many basic defensive errors and I have seen some dreadful Charlton sides. I like Holden as a bloke but today felt like the end.
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  • So poor. 
  • Any optimism I had following the Orient game has now vanished. We were absolute shite, especially first half. The only optimism I have now is in the hope we don´t end up in league two next season.

    Holden appears to be a nice guy, but I really think he needs to go.
  • We're going down aren't we ?
  • If we don’t get in at least 4/5 ship out the obvious 3 I’m done with all this shit and bullshit that we have money.
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