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Viewing the boys in red through the season

Right, I still havnt got my internet sorted (should be a couple of days) But when I do what are we looking at?

1. downloading, not sure where from or how it works...

2. streaming, aparently there's gonna be a bit about particularly with Setanta now doing CC

3. ?

So where do we download and whats this BT vision and is it only UK???


  • UKNova. Keep at it, as they only register new accounts when old ones are made inactive. It's a relatively small, exclusive site, which is well worth the wait.
  • I'm new to UKNova, managed to register at the first attempt. Great for keeping up with UK telly but what football gets uploaded? Is it just the televised games?

    Also for mascot88's interest, it's a torrent download site which means installing additional software and tweaking the ports on your computer. Somebody did it all for me so I haven't a clue what to do!
  • The Championship was available every weekend on UKNova last year. I have Setanta through ITVN here in Canada so will be tuning in for the Stoke game on the 18th.

    No news from the club on Valley Vision - poor show I shelled out a years subscription in January & got up to May for my money - the site has been mothballed since then.

    Any news Henry - will we be getting a refund?
  • Can someone tell me a bit more about Setanta. I feebly have stayed with Virgin Media, mainly cos im too lazy to sort it out which meant that I lost Sky One and Sky sports news. I got a letter today saying that they are going to give me 6 Sentanta channels instead at a charge of 1.50 more per season. which means 46 more prmiership games... quite good do you think? but do Setanta play more championship games or just strictly premier... it also says i get 60 scottish games... great!
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]it also says i get 60 scottish games... great!

    cool i love pub football!
  • Setanta have the 5.15 Saturday games Premier League games, the SPL, the Blue Square Premier and a load of football from across Europe.

    Plus a bit of boxing thrown in as well
  • Oakster, the Stoke game is on Sky, not Setanta.
  • I know but Setanta show the Sky Championship games over here Setanta North America has a different schedule to the one in Europe I think
  • Hi Vancouver

    The ITVN service is OK but I hear that Setanta is soon to be available on satelitte - Bell ExpressVu to be precise. The ITVN service is about $20 per month & requires a blazing fast internet connection to really enjoy it. There are lots of rumours that ITVN will fold soon especially as US subscribers can now get the Setanta channel on Dish Network.

    Do you have Bell?

    I am in Vancouver next week - hope the weather is better than it is here at the moment - after a blazing summer it's all gone Pete Tong!

  • I see, that's handy then, hopefully we will be considered one of the main attractions, and you might see a few more games?
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  • I think i read on the main site that championship have struck a deal with Virgin Media and all Virgin customers can watch Catch up Football on Demand after the games have been played... im almost pleased i've stayed with them now.

    Well almost, if only they could actually provide me with some sort of service to start would be handy... been without Telly for a week and internet for two days... WHAT UTTER PILE OF CACK! And charging 25p a minute to ring up to get someone to come out.

    think im ranting to myself but anyway, feel better now.
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