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Would you give a new contract into next season

After the news of Maynard-Brewer and Blackett-Taylor extending their time with the club over the past few days, would you give a new deal to any of the ones below who’s contracts run out at the end of this season? 

Gilbey (Currently on loan at Stevenage)


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    Clare and Henry yes, the rest no.

    Of course, ideally Clare would be a back up/squad player and we'd replace the rest with better players, sadly the reality is that we'll likely release some of those above and replace them with other knackered freebies.
  • No to all of them 
  • Possibly Hector as I have not seen enough of him yet, get rid of the rest
  • For me it’s more about do you trust the current decision makers about who should get a new contract and who shouldn't?

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    Hector and Inniss can stay for me. Clare? I don't know. The rest, nah. Maybe keep Morgan as a sort of cursed mascot
  • Clare - Keep (as rotation) 
    Inniss - Release
    Thomas - Release
    Clayden - Release
    Henry - Keep
    Morgan - Release
    Gilbey (Currently on loan at Stevenage) - No clue without seeing how he’s done at Stevenage but leaning towards release
    Bonne - Release
    Hector - Keep (too early to say for me but not awful and with more match fitness I hope he would come good )
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    Ideally none, realistically Hector and Clare are the maybes as squad players to save us having to sign 6/7 defenders.

    At 23 Morgan needs to move on and get regular football.

    Not see enough of Henry to properly judge but if he was that good he’d likely have had a run in the team by now. He’s 20 this year so running out of time to break through.

    I expect the rest to be released other than Inniss, will probably be kept on as a cheap squad player.
  • Innis, Henry, Hector. Nobody else.
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    Clare - no
    nniss - No 
    Thomas - No 
    Clayden - No 
    Henry - No
    Morgan - No
    Gilbey (Currently on loan at Stevenage) - No 
    Bonne - No
    Hector - No

  • Maybe Clare (versatile), maybe Henry (not seen enough to judge).  No to all others.
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    Clare - I would try him as a midfielder and then decide
    Inniss - if the manager wants to play 3 at the back, I would keep him
    Thomas - bye
    Clayden - bye
    Henry - keep at all costs
    Morgan - if TS is still
    majority owner, we won't to better. Anyone else owns us and it's bye 
    Gilbey (Currently on loan at Stevenage) - bye 
    Bonne - I defended him in January. I wouldn't even tell him he is being released to his face, I wouldn't even text, I would let him read it on face book
    Hector - keep
  • Clare - Yes 
    Inniss - Yes don’t get the hate towards him as he has been solid since Holden came in.
    Thomas - No
    Clayden - No
    Henry - Yes
    Morgan - No
    Gilbey - No
    Bonne - No unless there is no money to buy a better option.
    Hector - No 
  • Wasn't there an interview in the papers where Gilbey had said even if CAFC had asked Gilbey if he wanted to come back in Januaey he qould have refused. He is happy at Stevenage. 
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  • Clare, Inniss and Henry
  • No to all.
    Inniss is on really low wages isn't he? Probably be stuck with him for the rest his career. 
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    100% depends on who replaces them. 
    I can remember thinking Bauer wasn’t going to be missed because we’d replace him with better. 😂

    However, if I had to choose I’d say Inniss, Hector and Clare from your list. But need to see more of Hector to be sure. 
  • Innis, Clare, Hector as squad players but certainly not first team starters.

    Henry keep for another year but send him on loan hopefully to L2 level to see if he can progress. He's not L1 level at the moment but too early to judge. Needs a full season of regular first team football.

    If we lost all the players on the list I wouldn't be lose any sleep.
  • I'd be happy enough with Inniss and/or Hector in the same way I was happy enough with Doherty in 2011/12 knowing that Morrison, Taylor and Cort were ahead of him (and invincible). If we can sign two quality centre backs in the summer along with giving Ness some good game time then that would be a decent set-up. If Inniss and Hector are starting regularly then I'll be less happy. Clare I think it's time to say goodbye to. We've already got Egbo, sign a better right back over him, and stop these terminal conversations about Clare being a useful midfielder. His lapses in concentration and inability to spot a third man run cause enough trouble when he's only got two places opposition players can be coming from, give him the full pitch to worry about and his head will melt.
  • Clare - no
    Inniss - no
    Thomas - no
    Clayden - no
    Henry - no
    Morgan - no
    Gilbey - no
    Bonne - no
    Hector - no
  • I think Clare is underrated. He has a football brain but cannot cover every position all at once on his own. If we had several clones of him on the pitch we'd be well on the way to a proper football team.
  • Inniss and Hector, yes. With Ness that's 3 decent enough options at this level, needing just 1 more better CB than Thomas, we don't want to be rebuilding the entire squad this summer. With a summer to build a proper partnership AND more cover in midfield for the defence, I think we can be reasonably solid.

    Henry needs a season of first team football, and is in danger of having the same stop start career as Morgan. He wouldn't sign a 1 year deal with us to go out on loan, it would either have to be a longer deal or presumably he'd leave.
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    Inniss and Hector we should absolutely keep.

    I'd keep Clare and Morgan as well, as squad players.
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