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World War Two Aircraft Crash Sites

Tomorrow marks the start of Big Week. 81 years ago most aircraft’s had been grounded for the last four days due to extremely bad weather.

On the night of 19th May 1944 Bomber Command launched an attack on Leipzig .
The intended target was the Messerschmitt aircraft factories and a ball bearing plant in Leipzig. 
A total of 823 aircraft’s were involved in this operation . Lancasters 561,Halifax’s 255 and 
7 mosquitos.

 78 aircraft’s and 420 air crew never returned back from that mission.

Lancaster MK3 bomber JB109 was one of the aircraft’s lost that night along with its 7 man crew. 
We have several crash sites not so far away and all have been remembered by the local council.

Do any other people have crash sites close to them? Would love to hear about them.


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