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The Club or Country question to discover where you are


Edited story alteration 

If Charlton were playing an FA cup final

If England were playing a world Cup final match 

You have tickets for both games.

Some absolute nutter holds you up at gun point and demands you give them a ticket. He doesn't know you have two of them.

What ticket are you giving away?

What match are you attending?

You can only keep one of them.

You can't report the incident to the police and you can't get the ticket back.  The incident in question is likely to end up on Netflix.  


  • Been to a Play Off to get to the PL but would probably never get another chance in my lifetime to be there when England win a World Cup. Would, of course, have the live stream on from Wembley. 
  • Always went England to win, but don't feel anywhere near as strongly about them as I do Charlton. 

    Having said that World Cup final is once in a lifetime. Tough choice.
  • Berlin for me. Imagine how gutted you'd be if we lost to Palace and you missed a World Cup final for it. Charlton have won 3 play-off finals in my time supporting, England haven't won anything in my lifetime.
  • Charlton 
  • Berlin.

    If it was, I don't know, a champions league final that we had some how flucked getting in in the first place I would probably pick that.
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  • Charlton all day long
  • Charlton for me, I have had loads of opportunities to watch England via my job but always give it a swerve, no interest at all 
  • I can't answer my own question.

    It's a 50/50 that just won't budge.

    I do not think I'd be able to pass the opportunity to watch England play a live world Cup final match against our main rivals.

    Having said that, I couldn't turn down the match at Wembley.

    Maybe bring a kindle or big tablet to Wembley...have one eye on each game and rapidly evolve into a 4 eyed alien 
  • Charlton all day long 
  • After the England performance and the sickening late late equaliser conceded by Charlton, it's a non brainer.

    I would be off to the beach to actually enjoy what I'm doing!  B)

  • Berlin I think, but probably more to do with the fact that the World Cup Final is a special event and watching England in that match would be pretty incredible and probably only happen once in my lifetime.

    My heart would obviously be at Wembley.

    It's the same mentality that's made me watch particular headliners at Glastonbury live that I wouldn't ever go to see and missed bands on other stages that I'd seen before and would go out of my way to see live.

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    Charlton. A return to the promised land! You're born into a country... No choice. You choose your club, well I chose to stay with Charlton after supporting Man Utd! 
  • thankfully we'll never have to actually make this choice
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    I'm gonna be a miserable bastard... Its unlikely that scenario will ever happen on the same day, so both ;)
  • England. 

    If both England and Charlton lose however i don't know if I could deal with it. Then again if they both win i don't know if i could deal with it. 
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  • Charlton, of course.
  • Charlton every day of the week
  • se9addick said:

    Crazy that the EFL scheduled the playoff final for precisely the same time as the World Cup final though! 
    Typical bloody EFL!
  • Charlton, without a shadow of a doubt. This of course is informed by the fact I have a less down-the-line cultural/ethnic/national identity than most.

    But Charlton has always been... well, the community I have known and loved. And there would be something far more special about celebrating (and something more comforting about commiserating) with people I know and have known for years.
  • Always Charlton
  • England. 

    If both England and Charlton lose however i don't know if I could deal with it. Then again if they both win i don't know if i could deal with it. 

    Imagine going to the world Cup final and we lose on penalties, everyone wants to jump off the Berlin Wall.

    But you check your phone and Charlton have just  stuffed Palace 4-0. 

    Your mind body and spirit decide the best course of action is to have a positive extraordinary addicks to victory seizure.

    The volume of both strong good and bad occurring at the same time has made you go insane.

    Mostly just fed up that you attended the wrong match 
  • If you had asked me pre-covid I would probably have said England. Now I would definitely say England. Although to be perfectly honest I feel completely disconnected from most things football at the moment. Charlton bores me senseless most of the time and I have really struggled to "get into" the World Cup. It just doesn't fell like a "proper" tournament.

    Not sure if my feelings towards Charlton are reflective of my wider low mood and general disillusionment with the world, but I can honestly say Charlton stopped being enjoyable a long time ago and is showing no signs of being anything but a chore at the moment.
  • Charlton… brainer por moi.
  • This is difficult because I'm certain we are done on play off luck and we'd deffo lose to palace and i think we'd beat germany they're pony 

    Charlton all day long for the sickness 

    having gone to the European Championship final last year and been to all 3 of our play off finals ..... the Charlton games and the  feelings that they stir, much more internal emotions and turmoil with an us against them mentality than England and all the other wankers that follow them , at least Charlton it's our wankers 
    That's even with me hating us more than ever 
    I'd take a promotion out of League One over winning the World Cup !
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