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Oh Vlad, awkward…

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Polish media reporting two Russian missiles have struck in Poland killing two people.
Hoping this doesn’t escalate.


  • Early reports indicating this may be ordnance that got deflected by Ukrainian missile defence. Still though...
  • Apart from anything else it may force Russia to actually be honest for once, will they actually prefer to make shit up to avoid losing face?
  • Russia will deny its them & say it's just NATO propaganda. Poland will huff & puff but wont do anything. Fog of war.

    Didnt Russia bring down a passenger plan a few years ago & nothing was done about it. 

  • Latvia (gov/press?) reporting it as an attack by Russia on Poland, very specific language.
  • Someone at the G20 should boot lavrov hard in the bollocks, followed by 'Oops, sorry (not sorry)'
  • Russian state media reporting this as a deliberate attack by Ukraine. 🤯
  • Whatever happens I'm sure it's an accident and neither side want things to escalate. 

    Every country will give a press conference blaming the other side but they'll all agree to ignore the incident behind the scenes. 
  • Ridiculous. Keep your stupid missiles away from NATO borders. Buffoon.
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  • Russia will just deny it was them and blame Ukraine but in the great scheme of things it will get ignored. But a mistake like this just shows why tactical nuclear weapons are a bad idea, if one of those mistakenly finds itself landing in a NATO country the shite will hit the fan
  • I’m not sure if it will be ignored as such. I imagine it might lead to Ukraine being supplied with more advance air and anti air weapons. 
  • I'm amazed nobody in Russia has taken Putin out. He has been a disastrous leader.
  • It's just another special sloppy!
  • There’s a long running thread on the Ukraine / Russia conflict in the House of Commoners group so grateful if we can keep this discussion there, cheers 
  • Just adding a link to the relevant HoC thread, starting at the page where the discussion of today's events begins:
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