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What are your resolutions for 2022? And how soon after the start of the year do you think you'll have broken them all? 


  • Bit late to start making resolutions for 2021 chizz!
  • Bit late to start making resolutions for 2021 chizz!
  • I'm going to stop procrastinating, but I'm not starting 'til tomorrow.
  • I recommend 1440p, I mean sure 4k is crisper, but you get loads more fps per £ at 1440p. 
  • Gonna stop living in the moment. Done
  • I'm determined to be more tolerant of the views of Tories and Leavers.
  • Sorry, my mistake, I meant less tolerant.
  • Lose weight.
    Drink less.
    Exercise more.
    Eat healthier.

    I’ve said this before though, but really need to do something about it. 
  • Desperately stuffing my face all day to add the 10lbs I am resolving to lose come midnight!
  • To do more indoor exercise, when in winter walking in the countryside is unpleasant, and I'm not going to the gym (due to Covid issues)
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  • Off to Mexico in April 2022 if restrictions allow. Want to shift 2.5-3st before then, it's a tough ask but I'll give it a good go. Currently 20.5st at the moment.

    After that, I'll probably slip into a downward spiral and put on the 3st +more. It's one thing I've never been able to control. My weight has always yo-yoed.
  • lose some timber 
    cut back on the cigs 
    drink less which will help with less cigs 
  • 1. Exercise more.
    2. Lose weight

    I think I will do in Jan/Feb but it is whether I get past that.  
  • None. Never have, never will.
  • Sorry, my mistake, I meant less tolerant.
    Thank goodness you support Charlton - it would be awful to be on the losing side all of the time  ;)
  • She'll be even more sensitive now you've told Charlton Life about it.
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