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Whitehouse and Mortimer gone fishing

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I don’t know what it is about it, I have no interest in fishing and have no desire to go but find this programme really enjoyable. I love the way they are just chatting and laughing like a couple of mates nothing seems to be written.

Is it just me or do others think this?


  • It's cracking program, really enjoy it.
  • Both brilliant comedians from a great era of comedy.
  • Love it. Wanted tickets to the "evening with" tour but it sold out really quickly and no London date
  • Same. Never fished, no interest in it either.
    Never really been keen on Whitehouse either.

    but I never miss this when it’s on. Very calming, very natural, just two mates enjoying each other’s company.
  • Oh, and Ted is the star of the show.
  • Love it.
    Worth the license fee on its own.
  • Absolutely love it. iPlayer has 4 series of it. Heaven.
  • And away... 

    love it. Close to The Trip with Coogan and Brydon but different, mainly due to the personalities involved and the more natural friendship also The Trip is acted. 

    makes me always wanna go out and fish. Used to fish when a kid but because of this show next year i have sorted out a fishing trip. Also makes me want to pick up a copy of Mortimer's new book. 
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    Really love the way this show is so natural, never miss it, a couple of mates out fishing with all the banter and jokes, great show, and of course Ted winning the Employee of the Year award this year was absolutely hilarious.
    As a side, I would love to see the two of them on Would I Lie To You, on the same side of course, 'cos they know each other so well... B)
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  • Ms AA and I love it.  I fish a fair bit, Ms AA not at all, but that has no bearing on how enjoyable either of us finds it.
  • Yes I agree. No interest in fishing at all. My brother used to love fishing and loved the programme. I only recently started to watch it. Really like both Paul Whitehouse & Bob Mortimer. Just nice easy going, great scenery and they are both very funny.
  • Also Whitehouse getting genuinely arsey is funny.
  • Bob Mortimer is just brilliant, anything he does is endearing and funny.
  • Incredible show, such a relaxing watch - I think Bob Mortimer might be one of the most naturally funny men this country’s produced. Got his book for Christmas, which is also a cracking read.
  • Perfect background show, lovely, gentle and funny.

    And I'm the same in that I've got little to no interest in fishing. 
  • Have watched from the start, best thing on TV by a country mile
  • Best program on tv … my wife gave me their Gone Fishing book for Xmas … also excellent. 

    Ted rules  ;)
  • Yes great show, so easy and relaxing to watch, they seem to fit some lovely bits of music between the humour and scenic views. All just very good.
  • Bobs hehehe giggle when he gets excited is wonderful.
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  • We watched every one of all the seasons and got Bobs book for Christmas. Makes the licence fee seem very good value.
  • Only comparable to the detectorists for feel good telly in my opinion. Brilliant, and bob mortimer is a national treasure. 

    I rewatched his series of task master not long ago, and if you watch the reaction of all the others to just about everything he says or does shows how naturally funny he is. 
  • Love the show due to being a big fan of both of them. Gazza turning up for the Christmas special was superb. Zero interest in fishing and very minor in anything rural. 

    Both were the sidekick (Vic Reeve's Big Night Out and Harry Enfield's Television Programme) yet clearly the funnier of the pair. I believe the fast show started off with ideas Enfield didn't like? So combining the two is pure gold. Tempted to see OFAH live just because Whitehouse, Johnny Deep's favourite actor, is in it.
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    I'm not into fishing, but this show is just absolutely brilliant. I've seen every single episode, it is humorous, but without being OTT, the pair bounce off each other with their 'quips' and remarks and the scenery is outstanding.
    Its a show where you can unwind, chill and just enjoy thoroughly. It has extra interest from me when in the first few episodes they were comparing their heart conditions and treatments. If ever anyone needed to watch a program that will reduce your blood pressure....then this is it!!! Wonderful show, I hope they make many many more!!
    Edit....Oh and Ted steals the show!!
  •  great show, Mortimer in particular is like a little kid, love it.
  • Really like this show. It feels pointless, but in the best possible way.
  • Best thing on TV
    been Hooked ! 
    From the start 
  • Haven't seen the new ones as I don't watch terrestrial TV anymore, but did see the first two series which were absolutely fantastic; wistful, funny and insightful as well as utterly charming....the fishing was just an adjunct!
  • Best thing on the tele.
    I want Bobs hat.
    Ted is the star ⭐️ 
  • paulfox said:
    Yes great show, so easy and relaxing to watch, they seem to fit some lovely bits of music between the humour and scenic views. All just very good.
    Loads of the music is Richard Hawley
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