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Goodness me Frazzles are not what they used to be!


  • Not quite sure how this ended up in match day travel, although an important away day snack!
  • 14 and a half Frazzles......slightly better than a portion of East Stand (oops AC Stand) chips
  • They're doing it with everything. Got a quiche recently from Asda where they have made the diameter smaller but the quiche deeper - means they can use less ingredients for toppings, say it is the same weight and charge the same/more. Wouldn't mind but I'm going hungry!
  • 18g size on the back of the packet!!
  • Do you always put them on a plate to eat them?
    Normally they come out of the bag so quickly they don’t touch the sides!

    Only reason we’ve got frazzles is because there’s been a shortage of crisps recently and they are just delivering whatever they’ve got in stock.
  • That’s Boris’ Britain for you
  • Do you always put them on a plate to eat them?
    Does he use a knife and fork to eat them?
  • Always most noticeable at Christmas - Quality Street tins used to be huge, Chocolate zoranges have shrunk, and Toblerone now being T_b_e_o_e is unacceptable.
  • Just had a packet of wheat crunchies - there was 11 in the packet. Pathetic.
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  • Smiths...they the same people that make Scampi Fries?! I never knew that. Mind blown
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