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** Charlton Life Trip to Normandy June 2022 **

There is just one place remaining on our trip to Normandy next year, 17th to 19th June. I have attached the itinerary for anyone interested. If you are please message me.


  • bump - 1 place still remaining, message me if interested, details attached.
  • two places have become available - please message me if interested - itinerary attached
  • Unfortunately two people have had to drop out from our trip in June so there are two places available. If anyone is interested in joining us there is an itinerary attached above. Please message me if interested.
  • bump - two places available for anyone interested
  • bumpity bump - due to a couple of people having to drop out there are now five spaces available on the trip. Message me if interested.
  • Have a great weekend all. 
  • Enjoy. Would love to do this one day. 
  • Thanks AFKA, just boarding Eurotunnel, updates to follow.
    you walking through the tunnel? ;)

    just joking, have a great trip
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    Have a great trip, looking forward to updates and pictures 
  • Thanks for the updates guys. Looks like a great day.
  • Many familiar faces. Enjoy guys. 
  • edited June 2022
    Hope you are having a geat time. I went in the 80s. The courage of our soldiers was amazing and it really brings home their risk and sacrifice. I know it affected me greatly. I don't know how much things have changed. One thing I hope is still there is the parachute on the St Mere eglise church.
  • Great trip at last, great weather and great company last night. Finally met Mr Mehmet. Strange how people are so different than you imagined. 

    Pegasus bridge  was amazing  no where near the size you think it is . The glider crew who took it deserve our admiration.
  • Gutted to have had to drop out last minute especially as I bring the average age of the group down by such a lot and I make all the group photos look so much better too but I’ll be back on the next one…. 
    Hope everyone has a good time and doesn’t get too sweaty in this weather….

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  • The vehicle is a Sexton - self propelled howitzer - British - for some reason, at the time, we named all our self propelled artillery with religious names - there was also a ‘Priest’ a ‘Deacon’ and a ‘Bishop’ - post war we had the ‘Abbott’ - we no longer use religious names 
  • The Normandy Memorial near Bayeux

  • Does it list the names of the fallen on the wall and pillars @LargeAddick?
  • Yes it does and includes all those who died later back home due to their wounds. It really is an impressive site.
  • @ForeverAddickted it lists them by the date they died and rank and branch of service ie army navy RAF
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    Photos look excellent, glad you all having a lovely trip lads 👍
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