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James Brokenshire RIP

James Brokenshire, MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup, has very sadly passed away. I am anything but a Conservative though got to know of him in a very minor way through another MP who is a family friend. He also tried to help me last season with a cricket matter affecting supporters being allowed to go to club and county age group games even though he was having treatment for cancer at that time.

Please let's not make this a political thread but one for those who wish to show their respects to a man who has passed away at the age of just 53, leaving a wife and three children behind 

RIP James


  • Met him at college when we went to parliament and he seemed like a nice enough guy. RIP
  • 3 children, incredibly sad. 
  • Very sad, 53. Poor family
  • RIP.

    Horrible desease. It is sad when someone is taken before their time especially when children are involved. 

    I used to live in OB&S and I stood against Ted Heath in 1997. Brokenshire became the MP after I moved away from the area so I never met him personally. 
  • No age at all.

  • He was my MP. Very sad, Rest in Peace, James. 
  • Very sad news, RIP. I hadn't realised that his constituency was Old Bexley and Sidcup, he died at Darent Valley
  • Seemed a very decent guy RIP
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  • Gone too young, while I would not have agreed with his politics, and his tenure in Northern Ireland contrasts positively only to some of the other Secretaries of State since 2010, he always seemed like a decent enough sort.

    Thoughts with his widow and children.
  • RIP James. Thoughts are with your wife and children. 
  • Fuck cancer

    Rest in peace 
  • Name looked familiar but didn’t know why until I opened the thread.
    I was at the small club attached to his office in station rd, sidcup on Wednesday.
  • RIP.
    Hope his family are able to cope with the loss of a husband and father at too young an age.
  • Very sad. So young. RIP James
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  • RIP James. Got to know him and his wife through the kids school, very likeable man and a lovely family. So very sad. 
    Bastard disease 
  • RIP James
  • Sad news and thoughts today for his family and friends. 
  • Very sad aged only 53 RIP
  • RIP. That's a tragically young age to leave children.  
  • I'm a staunch Tory & lived in Bexley for a number of years but moved away before he became the MP there so never got the vote for him. Seemed a very honest & likeable chap from what I've seen of him on tv and a year younger than me, so brings it home really. 

  • I'm another one who didn't share his politics, but he always came across as a decent, thoughtful bloke when interviewed. Thoughts are with his wife and kids. RIP.
  • Was my MP when I lived in Sidcup and filled the shoes of Ted Heath for the constituency. Heard his cancer had come back but had no idea it was terminal. RIP
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