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Remember TJ the lad you all helped?



  • Hope fortune smiles on you T-C-E, well done. Those pictures are great.
    Lifers come up trump's.

  • Very sadly I'm having to tell you that TJ is now at Life risk, Mel explained his inability to swallow be it food, saliva etc puts him at high risk of choking which has led to ambulances being called 3 times in the last ten days.
    He's constantly watched day and night by Mel and her daughters which must be detrimental to their own health, when a care plan is put in place he will move into Demelza house.

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    That's really sad news Ray. It was a pleasure to meet him and Mel that day he arrived at The Valley.
    My thoughts and prayers are with TJ and Mel at this time. 
  • I am sure I echo the thoughts and prayers from all Charlton Lifers for TJ and his Mum. God Bless you both.
  • Such sad news.
  • Sorry to hear @T_C_E
  • Oh, bless his heart ! Such sad news.

    Thinking of the little man , his dear Mum & sisters at this devastating time. 
  • Thanks for the update Ray be it a sad one. Thinking of everyone including his family and carers.
  • That’s not nice to hear. Don’t know what to say.
  • Terribly sad news.  This thread has brought a tear to my eye. 
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  • Mmmm……what can one say, life can be so unjust at times.
    Hope you still have some smiles left in you little man.
  • Ah now, that’s just heartbreaking.
    My heart goes out to them all.
    Please let them know we’re here if they need anything Ray 🙏🏻♥️
  • Very sad news. 
  • Best wishes to TJ and all those caring for him. Horrible news.
  • @T_C_E

    Please stick up a link as and when donations would be welcome/helpful in a particular direction.
  • Best wishes to TJ
  • Such sad news. My thoughts and best wishes to all his family and friends.
  • So sad, thoughts with the family and TJ.

    @T_C_E Which demelza is he going into?
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  • Rob7Lee said:
    So sad, thoughts with the family and TJ.

    @T_C_E Which demelza is he going into?

    I should imagine Sittingbourne near to where they live.
  • Sad news. Thoughts with the family 
  • Spoke to Mel, there’s nothing she needs short of a magic wand.
    I not sure I can send flowers while TJ is at home so I’m holding fire on that one.
    Ive passed on our love to her and her family. 

  • Many thoughts & wishes for TJ,his friends and family,heartbreaking news
  • Such sad news. My thoughts and payers go out to TJ and all his family and friends.  
  • Bloody hell so sad news. Thoughts and prayers that he eventually recovers from this and makes a full recovery. Bless you.
  • I had the privilege of meeting young TJ and his mum Mel. What an Inspiration they both were!
    Please wish them both well from me Ray.
  • Thanks for doing that Ray.
    Sending nothing but armfuls of love to them both ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Just wanted to add my thoughts to everyone else's on here. That little lad is inspirational as are the marvellous family he has. 
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