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Remember TJ the lad you all helped?

Brief summary…2019 I asked for advice on sourcing a replacement wheelchair and a safe bed as TJ had out grown his, turned down for grants Mum Melissa set about raising the funds herself. I just happened to see her post on FB and mentioned it here hoping someone would have contacts that could source them cheaper than the 20k she had been quoted, I should have known better really. Overnight a just giving page had to be set up as donations rolled in we quickly had raised enough to buy his chair and with more contacts at a radio station she was well on the way to get TJ everything he needed. She realises it was a long time ago, but stayed away from the ownership issues and then COVID but 
Melissa wants to bring TJ along to The Valley to say thank you to you all, obviously taking TJ anywhere is like a military operation and it’s not like we can sit him anywhere so I’ve got to enquire as car parking and tickets and the cost of course. 
My question is how many are happy to meet Melissa and TJ before a game and maybe have photo we them both? 
She’s a fantastic lady who I’m chuffed to call a friend and know how much what you all did meant to her and of course TJ, but she doesn’t want to travel all the way if no one is about. Just shout if your happy to come and say hi
And yes, Mel has lost some serious weight through dieting 👏👏



  • Id be more than happy to say hello mate if its a game I'm attending. 
    I hope even more CL posters will join in and perhaps we could get a group photo with them both?
  • It will be a privilege.
  • I’m waiting on confirmation but provisionally the next home League game is the one we are aiming for 👍
  • T_C_E said:
    This thread was read by one of the “Good people” at the club and I can confirm I was given tickets yesterday for Melissa and TJ along with a friend from a local radio station who was also very supportive for the v Cheltenham game on the 11th. We aim to be around the statue at 2.00 ish please come along at let Melissa say thank you. I just nicked her comments from her FB page. 😉

    If people remember 2 yrs ago we started fundraising for Tj new chair and safe bed. We first met Ray Bates when he helped me train Skye 5 yrs ago. He saw my post and asked his Charlton Athletic pals if they knew anywhere we could get then cheaper.......over night Ray had raised £2k for Tj through his football pals. Due to covid we haven't been able to go and meet everyone and say thank you. Ray has managed to get us tickets so we can meet everyone on the 11th September. We love you Ray 💙😘
    Just as a reminder, did "we" manage to get a kit/shirt for TJ at the time, please ?
  • Happy to pop along and say Hi. Although must admit I can't recall if I donated or not....... as Mrs FF said was a shirt or Kit etc sorted out? Otherwise happy to chip in or buy that for TJ and/or his Mum!
  • From memory I don’t believe so as the focus was elsewhere. 

  • Just got a message back, no we didn’t get TJ a shirt/kit and it’s to late to organise now. You guys went beyond the call of duty first time round and having seen this price of them I’m out, Hopefully she’ll enjoy the attention on the day and the experience and I’ll buy Melissa a coffee on the day💪😂
  • I’d love to come say hello. 
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  • Some information on TJ’s condition I’ve been assured this is quite accurate. 
  • T_C_E said:
    Guy’s @Redmidland is buying TJ a shirt, he’s just found they have gone up and are no longer 13/6 including having “Sailor Brown” printed on the back like his last purchase. I’m sure he’d welcome any help, although I wouldn’t blame you if you said b@//@x to him. 😉
    More than happy to chip in.
  • See you Saturday.
  • The epic of @Redmidland buying a youths Charlton shirt will be released on DVD (box set) before Christmas FFS. 
    Entitled..... What a Carry on Wally  :cold_sweat:
  • T_C_E said:
    The epic of @Redmidland buying a youths Charlton shirt will be released on DVD (box set) before Christmas FFS. 
    Entitled..... What a Carry on Wally  :cold_sweat:
    Ray, anything you/she/TJ needs?
  • I hope TJ had a good day out?
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  • Brilliant work @T.C.E 

    well done mate 
  • edited September 2021
    Brilliant work @T.C.E 

    well done mate 
    Indeed, and for the chaps above..
  • I hope TJ had a great day . I had planned to come along and say hello. But the train from Brighton had other ideas. So I got to the valley late. 
  • Such wonderful photos.
    Thanks for sharing Ray ❤️
  • Glad to see those pics. Thankyou.
  • And even the weather gods smiled on you!
    So glad everything was such a success.
  • Fantastic 
  • Well done and thanks Ray and everyone else involved. Great stuff.
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