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You can tell a lot about a person…



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    Egg: fried (runny but not too runny)

    Steak: medium rare

    Milk: almond (can’t do lactose)

    Alcohol: guinness / stout

    Warm drink: tea, milk no sugar
  • Egg: fried 

    Steak: blue

    Milk: Soya

    Alcohol: strongbow dark fruit 

    Warm drink: Black tea, 2 sugars
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    Egg: Scrambled

    Steak: Rare

    Milk: 2%
    Alcohol: Anything with Rum

    Warm Drink: Chai Tea
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    Egg: poached

    Steak: no thanks - used to be blue

    Milk: soya - used to be skimmed

    Alcohol: whatever you've got is probably fine. (No straight spirits) 

    Warm drink: peppermint tea or Black coffee

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    Egg: scrambled 

    Steak: medium

    Milk: none - vile stuff 

    Alcohol: Guinness 

    Warm drink: black coffee, strong, 2 sugars
  • Egg: scrambled 

    Steak: medium

    Milk: none - vile stuff 

    Alcohol: Guinness 

    Warm drink: black coffee, strong, 2 sugars
    So similar to this for me.

    Basically oat milk as I agree on cow's milk and no sugar in the coffee and the same!
  • Egg: don't eat them

    Steak: medium

    Milk: semi skimmed

    Alcohol: Absolut Vanilla

    Warm Drink: Tea, milk X2 sweetners
  • Egg: Scrambled
    Steak: Rare
    Milk: Full fat
    Alcohol: N/a
    Warm Drink: Coffee, black 
  • Eggs - Poached
    Steak - Medium rare
    Milk - Semi skimmed
    Alcohol - Wheat beer
    Hot drink - Strong white coffee
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  • Eggs - fried
    Steak - medium rare
    Milk - none
    Alcohol - red wine or real ale
    Hot drink - espresso 

  • Eggs - don’t like them
    Steak - medium 
    Milk - don’t like, but semi skimmed in tea/coffee
    Alcohol - lager/ale
    Hot drink - white coffee, two sugars
  • Eggs - hard
    Steak - very well done
    Milk - Oat milk
    Alcohol - Don’t drink
    Hot drink - Bovril

    Nah I’m not that boring lol! Although I do enjoy a Bovril on a cold winters Tuesday at the Valley. Here’s my real one

    Eggs - Runny
    Steak - Medium Rare
    Milk - Semi Skimmed
    Alcohol - Larger - Amstel or Corona is my favourite 
    Hot Drink - Tea

  • Eggs: poached
    steak: medium
    milk: semi-skimmed
    alcohol: lager, e.g. Estrella
    Hot drink: tea - white, strong, no sugar
  • Eggs: Fertilised
    Steak: mooing from the plate
    Milk: Full fat with cream on top
    Alcohol: Lots of it
    Hot drink: builders tea, 4 sugars
  • Eggs: scrambled
    Steak: medium rare
    milk: semi skimmed
    Alcohol: Peroni or JD and diet coke
    Hot drink: flat white or latte
  • Eggs - Fried
    Steak - Medium Rare
    Milk - in a bottle from the milkman (yes we have one) semi skimmed
    alcohol - lager
    hot drink - strong tea, 1 sugar 
  • Egg: Scrambled

    Steak: medium rare

    Milk: semi skimmed 

    Alcohol: IPA

    Warm drink: black coffee 
  • Eggs - Poached

    Steak - Medium/Rare

    Milk - Semi Skimmed

    Alcohol - Moretti 

    Warm Drink - Strong White Coffee, 2 Sugars.
  • Egg: scrambled

    Steak: rare

    Milk: organic, whole

    Alcohol: stout

    Warm drink: strong tea
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  • Egg: poached or scrambles

    Steak: None -vegetarian

    Milk: Semi-skimmed

    Alcohol: Not that bothered, if wine - gavi, non-alchol gin

    Warm drink: Breakfast tea or Americano

  • Eggs  - Fried
    Steak - Swordfish or Tuna
    Milk    - Banana flavoured
    Alcohol - San Miguel (v Cold) / Canadian Club
    Warm Drink - Cafe Con Leche from a Spanish bar.
  • Eggs - Poached
    Steak - Medium rare
    Milk - Semi skimmed
    Alcohol - Lager (anything > or = 4.8%)
    Hot drink - Tea, dash of milk and obviously no sugar
  • Egg poached
    Steak rare
    Milk oat or almond
    Alcohol: malt whisky but would drink hand sanitizer without a second thought
    Hot drink: black filter coffee
  • Eggs - boiled with toast

    Steak - Medium/rare but lamb is better

    Milk - Semi Skimmed

    Alcohol - yes please. Ale, red wine, sloe gin, pink gin, gin, Jack Daniels

    Warm Drink - pot of tea, milk in first, no sugar
  • Egg: Hard boiled

    Steak: Medium rare

    Milk: Skimmed/Semi-skimmed

    Alcohol: Gin & Tonic

    Warm drink: Cappucino
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    Egg: I love eggs all ways. Variety is a great thing about eggs.

    Steak: Well done

    Milk: Semi skimmed with bran flakes

    Alcohol: Moretti or Estrella

    Warm drink: Prefer cold drinks
  • I don't understand. what is it that we can tell about people from this list of 5 things? apart from knowing how they like their steak done if they ever come round for dinner? 
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    Alcohol. That fantastic pint of Gales Ale I had in 1973.
    Hot drink. Tea. (These days Sainsbury’s gold label tea bags).
  • Egg:  Joey

    Steak: Beef

    Milk:  Breast

    Alcohol: Real ale

    Warm drink: See above
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