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Charlton Life is (nearly) fifteen years old!

Today is the 15th anniversary of the oldest post on the forum (or at least the one that's still visible), although the actual birthday of the site isn't until the middle of August, going by the 10th birthday post. A lot has happened in the last 5 years, to put it mildly, and we'll probably go into that in a bit more detail when the time comes, but one thing I'd like to try to sort out is a collection of the best or most memorable threads and posts that we can refer back to going forward. As well as the directly CAFC related stuff such as reports from various memorable away trips (eg Yeovil in the sideways rain) or the reaction to the 2019 play-off final, there's also more social things like the Lifers' charity match at the Valley, or the various fundraisers for the Upbeats etc. You've probably got your own favourites, so suggestions are welcome and links are very much appreciated.
Annoyingly some of my favourites among the sillier threads like The Olly Thread and the Charlton Life Lookey Likees are massively hamstrung by the fact that most of the pictures no longer load due to changes in the back end of the site. Consequently, it's worth having a check through to see whether the thread still looks how you remember it, particularly for those from the early days of the site.


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    If anyone could work out the actual time we have all "wasted" on CL in the intervening years it would be quite an eye opener... and i am heading off to Beachy Head!
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  • The needing to go thread was the best
  • Very late to the party, only been on here since 2015. I think I discovered the site when the anti Roland stuff really started kicking off. 
  • Congrats Henry!
  • Makes sense because the rumours thread reminds me of a f***ng teenager.
  • I joined after that other forum closed down...can't even remember what it was called...was it Never did find out what happened to it... just wasn't there one day.
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  • Joined November 2006 and my mainly miserable  propheticness on most things Charlton has unfortunately been right more often than not cos we’ve been utter utter  shit since this site opened .

    genuinely the best way to pass the time while passing some grime from my shitty man hole
    I was later to the party, in my mid twenties, already getting bitter about away followings and harbouring a vicious hatred of knowing we would be having to engage in South London derbies again rather than the ones we'd been successful in against Chelsea, Tottenham, arsenal and West ham 

  • Joined October 2006…seems like only yesterday!  Don’t comment that much but follow daily.  Enjoy most of the banter and back in the day when the rumours thread was just that…am also grateful for the Savings & Investments thread - done wonders for my SIPP!  You do great work and it feels like a real community.  Long may it continue.
  • I love this forum. Must read everyday. Long may it continue.
  • I joined after that other forum closed down...can't even remember what it was called...was it Never did find out what happened to it... just wasn't there one day.
    I eventually joined here after the BBC's 606 pages shut down. As I joined in February 2012, during the Powell title season, I clearly was looking for somewhere to celebrate Charlton, rather than moan about it  :D
  • The best thread of all time is Big Man Track Suit Bottoms.  Runaway winner
  • Happy birthday CL.  Plenty of memorable threads and posts.  Big up the founders and the mods.
  • Joined in Jan 2007, after AFKA at Emirates (we lost 4-0) told me about the forum.
  • joined in Aug 2006 and would've visited every day since...
  • Carter said:
    Anything that involves @Ketman and his penis is an instant win for me 
    How is ketman these days? Not spoken to him for yesrs
  • 2006, to think we were still in the PL under Curbs when this site started  :open_mouth:
    Prem yes, Curbs no unfortunately. We were at the start of the Dowie era…
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