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So in one sentence how is everyone feeling about tomorrow?



  • I figure at best we have a 50% chance to win tomorrow. And Pompey and Oxford's chance of a loss or draw are each about 50%. So multiple the three events and I figure at best we have a 1 in 8 chance. Would be typical if the other two lose and we are 2-1 in extra time and give up the tying goal and miss out.
  • I am not optimistic and looking forward to hosting Cheltenham, Cambridge and hopefully Forest Green next season.
  • Just hope we give it a go.
  • I know it’s not happening 
    but just hope at 13.15 I’m not watching our game and I’m watching Pompey game on sky with half hour to go 
    We’re 3-0 up and Oxford are 3-0 down and Pompey are 0-0 and so concentrate on that game 
  • 10% chance

    Still in it

    Thinking positive
  • The sentence is imprisonment in League One for another year.
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    Relaxed, reckon Hull will come to play and finish the season as proper champions, similar to Bournemouth and Burnley (obviously not quite as good) and tbh I don't see both Pompey and Oxford losing. I'll say that I'm glad they are playing Accrington and Burton respectively, both hard working sides that won't roll over for them imo.

    If I was a betting man (I am) I reckon we will lose, Pompey draw and Oxford win, hopefully I'm wrong 
  • We’re all @Leuth ain’t we?

    Pray for @Leuth 🙏

  • Luckily my lad has a match when all this is going on so I’ll leave the phone in the car and check the scores after, saves a lot of agony 

  • Excited because we've managed to come so far in this Godawful season. Hopeful that the team give us a performance to be proud of. Not thinking about today's results (yet) because the margins are so wafer thin, Rotherham being just the latest to see a whole season's efforts fall on a single cruel kick. 

    We've survived to fight another season. We have every reason to hope for better days ahead. Wherever you are, wear your colours. And pray like hell.

    We are Charlton. We are many. We are one. We are Addicks.
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  • Perfectly calm as honestly rate our chances at around 10% or less.

    If we don't make it then it certainly won't be because of today, it'll be the fucking dreadful performances (and 19 points dropped) against Burton, Swindon, Gillingham, Crewe and Rochdale that have done us.
  • No point in getting stressed about it, I thought we were in grave danger of relegation at the start of the season, we need 3 , yes 3 results to go our way, including our own, so it’s not impossible, and I can see a situation where like the okey cokey, we go 1 up and are in the the top 6 briefly.

    I just want the players to turn up and put in a shift, and at least keep their part of the bargain.

    Hull are no mugs, depends on whether the Hull players have got the deck chairs out or not.
  • Not nervous or worried, would take a minor miracle for us to get in. 
  • At least we have an interesting last day of the season
  • Luckily my lad has a match when all this is going on so I’ll leave the phone in the car and check the scores after, saves a lot of agony 
  • Last game of the season for all -strange things can happen
  • Out of our control, so not worried at all.
  • Can’t get too excited as I simply can’t see all three necessary elements falling into place. One of Portsmouth or Oxford will win comfortably.  
  • Nobody likes Mondays 
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    To paraphrase, it’ll be what it will be.

    Put it this way, I don’t expect to be popping any corks later on.
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  • Think we'll do our bit but Pompey and/or Oxford will also win.
  • Relaxed. 
  • I have about a 5% feeling that we’ll strike lucky. In actuality I don’t expect us to beat Hull.
  • Is what it is. 
  • Macronate said:
    A robin appeared from nowhere as I was looking out of the window yesterday and looked straight at me. Its beak was going up and down like a good ‘un and I’m sure he/ said “I’m your father Luke”.

    I still took it as a good sign even though my name’s not Luke.
    Maybe there is a Portsmouth supporter down your road and he got the wrong house
  • We will not be in the play offs. 
  • I'm not expecting us to get top six. I just hope it's all settled well before full time.

    My biggest nightmare is a last minute goal by Oxford to deny us a place and having to witness the grinning goon Robinson celebrating.
  • Pleasantly surprised by the results and looking forward to the next game. / We never had a realistic chance and going to Morecambe, Blackpool, Fleetwood, Bolton, Accrington and Wigan means those poor northern turnouts I'm very familiar with.
  • I love a poor turnout, whatever form it comes in 
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