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Paul Ritter RIP

Ah man, only 54, from a brain tumour :-( 

Bloody boiling Jackie 



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    Really, really sad.

    Talented actor, and by all accounts a very down to earth bloke - knew a few people who'd met him as he was local to me, and they only had good things to say.
  • That is really sad. Loved him in Friday Night Dinner

  • RIP

    Played his character brilliantly. 
  • Shame. Liked him as an  actor and he seemed to finally be getting roles he deserved. A lad from the Gravy as well. Exactly my age.  RIP mush.
  • Can't believe it at all. One of my favourite TV comedy series. Absolutely brilliant as Martin Goodman in Friday night dinner.

    No age at all. RIP Paul

    Will never forget his sayings Bloody Boiling and Shit on It!! 
  • Another one taken far too soon.

    Sleep tight, Paul.
  • Very sad news, he was excellent in Chernobyl and Friday night dinner of course.

    Thoughts are with his family.

    RIP Paul and thanks for the laughs. 
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  • That is really sad - a big favourite in this house. One of those actors where you know if his name is in the credits it is worth watching. RIP   
  • Shit on it. What sad news RIP
  • Brilliant actor - his performance in Chernobyl was brilliant - he was infuriatingly arrogant in that, one of the most hateable characters on tv.

    gutted about this, very sad.
  • Ahh jeez. Didnt know who Paul Ritter was until I see a picture of Martin there. Shit on it. Lovely bit of squirrel.

  • Oh shit on the shitting thing. RIP Paul
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  • How sad - good actor - superb tv series - RIP

    Some excellent episodes - one of my favourites is when he buys that awful caravan 
  • RIP - life is sometimes a shitty thing.
  • What a shock, Martin was one of the best comedy characters of recent years. Way too young. RIP.
  • It's rare to read an RIP thread where some of the comments make you laugh! FND is so funny. Had no idea he had such a broad range of acting roles though. I've only ever seen him as Martin. I've got my 6yr old saying "lovely bit of squirrel" at dinner time over the last year or so too. RIP shit on it, indeed.
  • Loved Friday Night Dinners his character being the real star.  54 is no age, RIP.
  • Rest in peace Paul Ritter played the character of Martin brilliantly and was excellent in everything I've seen him in far too young 
  • An excellent actor and I seem to recall him getting praised for his role as Christopher's dad in the NT production of Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, too. Such a shame this; 54 is no age.

    RIP Paul.
  • Was splendid in Paul Abbott's sensational and much missed 'No Offence'

  • Gutted . He was absolutely brilliant in Friday Night Dinner . A highly underrated comedy . Shit on it ! RIP
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