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Southend United - Relegation Thread

After 85minutes played, Southend are 0 -  2 down at home to Carlisle. Should it remain that way then they will be five points adrift of safety with relegation out of the league beckoning. 


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    I know Southend are not local local but all the same it shocks me that they are looking like dropping out of league football 

    brilliant response though Beds. Made me laugh out loud.
  • Had some good away trips down there, loads of teams I would rather see go than them but they have been badly run for years.
  • I'm friends with a Southend fan and he's feeling it.

    Trying to give him positives about being in the conference even though there aren't any.

    They had a great 3-1 away win against whoever was top of the league at the time not so long ago, but failed to continue the pathway of good results.

    It's a shame. A good club with crappy owners.

  • Is sad what has gone on over there, if a club gets relegated you always want it to be for reasons on the field rather than those events being overshadowing what is happening off it - Often wondered if having the likes of Anton Ferdinand, Michael Turner and Simon Cox on their books would be a recipe for disaster as although they played for Southend towards the end of their careers, they cant have been on peanut wages?

    Are they not supposed to be building a new Stadium?
  • Great away day a few years ago there, but the ground is a turd, as is most of Southend, and their fans always come across as a bit "Bermondsey-On-Sea" to me
  • They had a great plan for a new stadium away from RH.  It was quite distinctive compared to plans of similar level clubs.

    Just shows you, there for the grace of God and all that...
  • What a random thread 
  • I’ve seen the plans for the stadium and all the flats around it but it’s been parked yet again.  Shocking owners and a succession of crap appointments too....

    doesn’t look good for them sadly 
  • Probably not directly sol Campbell's fault, but he apparently just constantly moaned and always played the victim
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  • Always loved an away trip to Southend. I’m sure they’ll be back. 
  • Fortunately for Southend they need to overtake Colchester, who are further down in the form table. 5 points is doable if they go on a run now. Barrow seem to have done a Burton and gone on a terrific run pulling themselves up a few spots
  • More worried about Carlisle getting up. How else we expected to be promoted next season. 
  • Superb away day, can't believe they could be non league. 

    They've had some decent strikers down there over the years, Stan Collymore, Brett Angell, Freddy Eastwood and Assombolonga.
  • That Kyle Reid winner there on a Friday night. Great away day.

    Or the mad game 2 seasons ago, when we won 2-1 and 3 players were sent off!
  • The football ladder is brutal, badly run clubs can easily drop out of the league. The National League is full of former league clubs, some quite historic like Notts County, Stockport and Wrexham while others had brief moments of glory, like Yeovil, Barnet and Dagenham

    But the bigger clubs do eventually bounce back, the Cowleys brought Lincoln back to L1, while Luton are safe in the Championship

  • Odd looking potential stadium, shaped like a dog lead.
    Slightly bottle opener-like.

  • Odd looking potential stadium, shaped like a dog lead.
    I honestly read that as dog turd
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  • Dave2l said:
    Probably not directly sol Campbell's fault, but he apparently just constantly moaned and always played the victim
    FFS doesn't he always. Apparently he can't get a managers job in the premiership because he's black. outrageous !!!
  • Mark Molesley has been sacked, Phil Brown has been brought back in

    He always seemed a strange choice in the first place coming from Weymouth, wasnt like he'd even achieved anything in the Conference yet
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