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What with @oohaahmortimer  IBS explosion in 2018 and @sillav nitram vow of silence last year, you'd have thought we'd have learnt our lesson inviting 'non=staff' to the Xmas Do at CL Towers. But this year was to be over Zoom. What harm could @DaveMehmet possibly do over Zoom?

Quite a lot it would seem... 

It started to go downhill when he 'stepped away to get a drink'. Out of shot, he put his microphone next to a portable fart machine and every time poor @aliwibble fidgeted in her seat, Mehmet would press the button unleashing a massive bum yodel. Growing more confident, he then started experimenting with different backgrounds, settling on a scene from a 1970s porno. I'm a Celebrity may not have made it into the bush this year, but the CL Xmas Do certainly did. His disgusting comments after @suzisausage mentioned her hanging decorations promptly ended the call for everyone. 

This time last year I wrote '...and we end it on the cusp of a new era. I'm sure some wally in the distant past said something about a bumpy ride...' Who would have guessed what was going to follow and just how bumpier it would then become? I'm making no comment this year!

We have a huge team behind the scenes who make CL possible with their moderating, competitions, stats, previews, collecting etc. We are truly grateful to all of those for helping hold everything together and whilst we've always been about the collective, there's one individual who has significantly gone above and beyond this year in the efforts they've put into this site. Thank you for everything you've done @aliwibble its really appreciated by everyone. 

Whilst we've continued to support the Charlton Upbeats throughout, its been great this last few months in being able to return to sponsoring club activities. Thanks to the generosity of 142 of our members donating thousands, we managed to take out a record 9 kit sponsorships this season, and have got involved in supporting the CAFC Women's team for the first time. Its great to link this fan-club-community connect back once again. 

Finally, we always flag its a difficult time of the year for many. This year will undoubtedly be harder for everyone, but please have in your thoughts the friends and families of three lifers we sadly lost this year @HantsAddick @Ketts and Seb, and I'm sure there's probably more we've not been aware of. And alongside them a number of others from the Charlton family such as Les Turner, Steve Clarke, Syd Cheesewright, Theo Foley, Matt Tees and Don Townsend.  

Merry Christmas everyone. Lets hope 2021 will be a year to enjoy. 

CL Team



  • And thanks to everyone involved with running this site, it's brilliant. 
  • Merry Christmas everyone!!
  • Merry Christmas.
  • Happy Christmas to all.
  • Merry Christmas to one and all, here's hoping everyone has the best Xmas possible.
    2021 will be better of that I'm sure, just all hang in there for another few months.
  • My thanks to all the CL Management team - This site has again been such an excellent source of information about subjects good and bad this year, and that is down to your hard work.

    It has been the worst of years (the long dark tunnel of Covid-19 & ESI et al); it's been the best of years (vaccination starting, Thomas & the saving of the club).  Throughout it all, Lifers have shared expertise, seasoned with some gallows humour.

    I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas, and hope that we have a successful second half to the season.
  • Merry Christmas all. 
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    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals ;)
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  • Thanks to everyone. 
    Merry Christmas folks!🥂
  • Merry Christmas to everyone connected to running this site and to all the lifers on it. 

    Have the best day you can and above all stay safe. 
  • Frohe Weihnachten!
  • bobmunro said:
    In what has been a truly challenging year for all of us, one constant has been the solace of this incredible place. I say it every year, and it applies in 2020 like perhaps no other with the pandemic, and the depths of despair for our great club only to be lifted by Thomas appearing as if from nowhere to give our wonderful football club great hope for the future - this community is very, very special.

    A personal thank you from me when, not for the first time, this community supported me and my family through a very difficult year - please do not underestimate the importance that played.

    Happy Christmas all you wonderful, mad, funny, caring lifers.
    couldn't have put it better myself, been the strangest of years with plenty to contend with.

    Merry Christmas all and let's hope 2021 is a whole lot better....
  • Merry Christmas to all Charlton fans wherever you may be. Maybe not the usual for many but hope you make the most of it. 2020 has been a bloody awful year in so many ways but we fans have the one consolation that it's the year that Thomas Sandgaard has rescued us from years of poor ownership.

    Onwards and upwards into 2021!
  • Thank you to all who keep this forum going, I do not know what I would do without my daily dose of reading it. Thank you all who like my contribution to the matchday thread and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year
  • Merry Christmas and stay safe
  • Merry Christmas all. Let’s get this vaccine rolled out and look forward to a much better 2021. I suggest a CL piss up at a home game once we’re out of the woods.

    Stay safe and try to enjoy it as much as you can in the circumstances x
    Elfs in the chair?

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  • Merry Christmas everyone!!!

     Have a great day and stay safe :) 
  • Merry Christmas all.
  • Merry Christmas all & thanks to everyone involved in making this site what it is , it’s been a great source of both information & comfort in a difficult time
  • Merry Christmas, thanks to all the folk behind the scenes who make this site what it is.

    Here's to 2021 being an improvement!
  • Many thanks to all who keep this site going.
  • Merry Christmas to all lifers especially Sage and Forever Addicked whose match reviews I thoroughly enjoy and to Fanny for being the voice of reason when everything seems to be going to hell! 

    Stay safe and let's hope we can all get back to the Valley in 2021 for a promotion party.... preferably our own! 

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    Merry Christmas to all livers and thanks to everyone who has contributed to making this site the best in football.

    I'd like to pesonally thank @lordromford who was extraorniarily kind to me this year when I said I wanted to learn Calculus and Algebra. I wish I could say that I've paid him back in effort, but unfortunately things haven't quite worked out likt that. Sorry. I will do one day though.
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