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Richard Wiseman steps down as Chair of CAST - Vote of Thanks

The CAST AGM took place online last night so we weren't able to buy Richard @Pico a pint to show our gratitude. So do please add your comments and thanks below. Knowing Richard, he'll want to keep a meticulous list and will graciously accept a pint at the right future opportunity.

Fortunately, Richard is continuing on the board so we will still benefit from his many talents, but hes' decided the moment has come to step back and spend more time in future on the golf course and at the Kent coast. Heather McKinlay, @Weegie Addick, is taking over as Chair and already quaking at the prospect of filling Richard's big boots.

Richard has been on the CAST board since the very beginning and became Chair in November 2016. He’s steered us through the turmoil of the protests, leading the mock funeral procession and wrestling with the huge inflatable Roland balloon – in fact he gave that house space so you could say he’s lived with Roland more than any of us. He’s a quizmaster extraordinaire. He led us on the tightrope in the summer of publicly raising serious and well-founded concerns about the very future of the club without scaring us all shitless (not too often anyway). 

He has very much set the tone and the vision for what CAST has become, with a careful and considered approach and the best interests of fans at heart, but never afraid to raise concerns and issues with the club or other authorities. And he has a wicked sense of humour - such as his Tweet this morning that Craig Freeman is "Just another mug for the gallery." 

Thank you, Richard - CAST wouldn't be where it is today without your dedication.

Over to you.



  • Thanks for all your hard work @Pico. Not surprised you'd feel the need to step back a bit after the madness of the past year, but I'm sure @Weegie Addick will do an admirable job taking on the latest set of challenges.
  • Always hard to stick your head about the parapet and take the flak so well done for doing so and especially in such hard times.
  • Well done Richard and a big thank you.  
  • Thanks for all your efforts Richard; never easy pleasing everyone and I feel you got the balance right during a very difficult period. Good meeting last night and good luck to Heather in what will hopefully be much happier times.
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    Thanks for all your hard work, Richard. You've done an excellent job over the last four years (and, indeed, since the Trust's inception) - look forward to seeing the flat cap for some time to come!
  • Great Job Richard and a big thank you. 

  • Thanks Richard
  • thanks for all your hard work Richard for CAST in what has been very trying circumstances. And good luck to @Weegie Addick
    in her new role.
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  • Richard has been dedicated and tireless.
    Many thanks for all of the darned hard work these past few years.
    One of the good guys for sure.
  • Thanks very much @Pico for all your hard work and dedication for the Trust and CAFC fans everywhere. Much appreciated.
  • Thanks Richard. Good luck Heather.
  • Some Charlton fans will never understand and appreciate the tone and nuance that had to be used over the troubled times ( In Cafc case that is most of the time since the Trusts inception !)

    Being critical but composed was important as the various characters stood to harm the future of our unique football club.

    Superb effort and commitment by Richard Wiseman @pico and best of luck to the talented Heather McKinley @Weegie Addick who has always put over the salient points in the media about our plight in a strident but clear fashion.

    In Charlton Athletic we TRUST.

  • As a fellow board member for the past 4 years my many thanks for steering the ship so well and your mediation along the way RW. Look forward to seeing how you behave as a plain old board member :D  
  • A really nice man who has done a really good job.
  • Echo the words of others, Richard, together with my own thanks for doing a sterling job . 

    However, am I correct in thinking you have stepped down in order to dedicate more time to swotting up for the next Quiz Night ? 
  • Well done Richard - the Trust has grown under your leadership and you have been a steady hand during very choppy waters. 
  • Well done Richard, not least on last night's excellent AGM. Heather, you know what the job entails and still you took it! Thanks and congratulations to you both.
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  • Thank you for your dedication Richard. You lead us through some tough times. 
  • All round top bloke, who took over for the most  challenging years of CAST existence. He was a great delegator and enabler, let individuals get on with what they were good at;balancing the inevitable conflicting opinions in a consensual way, often deploying his sharp but gently applied sense of humour that would often catch you out if you were not paying attention. More than most, I owe him a pint.
  • Thank you Richard for all your hard work.
  • Thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do. Especially in trying times and under fire from multiple directions, to keep calm, carry on and support the club we all love... Fantastic.
  • Thank you Richard @Pico for all that you have done. 2,000 + Members suggests you got something right. If it is ever possible to watch football normally again in my (our) lifetime and I run across you in a pub I will happily buy you a pint.

    Good luck to Heather @Weegie Addick in her new role.
  • Thank you Richard for all your hard work in such challenging times.
  • Thank you, Richard.
  • Great work Richard @Pico , tumultuous years to be at the helm. Meanwhile good luck to Heather @Weegie Addick hopefully now things have settled down (maybe).
  • Richard - thank you for the vast amount of time and effort you must have put into this role.  I'd like you to know that it is much appreciated.  I would never have had the brains, stamina, resolve or inclination to have taken on such an arduous task.  You are a superstar.
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